The most famous sports tournament, watched by millions upon millions of fans throughout the world, begins with Wild Card Weekend. This tournament brings reality to the 12 teams who played well enough, or in some cases got lucky enough, to earn a slot in the tournament called the NFL Playoffs. In this one and done tournament, unlike the series used in baseball, basketball and hockey, the rules are simple; lose and go home. The winners advance closer to achieving their ultimate goal, hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. The Lombardi is a team achievement. The winner places the trophy at their team headquarters in a very large display case. There are many coaches, scouts and players that complete an entire career and never get the opportunity to make it to the tournament, let alone a Super Bowl.

But within all team sports there are individual accolades and once a team wins the grand trophy, all those involved from the owner to the grounds keepers receive their individual trophy. The most coveted individual achievement in all of sports is a Super Bowl ring. Designed and constructed by Tiffany Jewelers, and like a snow flake, there is no ring alike from year to year. Teams get their choice of precious metal (yellow gold, white gold, platinum) or a combination of them and all are finished with sparling flawless diamonds with no inclusions, that can be seen from across the room hanging off the winner’s ring finger.

Softli’s Wildcard Weekend Predictions;

Cincinnati @ Houston = Texans

Minnesota @ Green Bay = Packers

Indianapolis @ Baltimore = Ravens

Seattle @ Washington = Seahawks

It’s all about the ring, and it starts today!