There is still a lot of football to be played with several teams fighting for a divisional title down the stretch. A few teams will continue to compete for wild card slots and the others will be looking from the outside in at the playoff picture.

Can the Atlanta Falcons run the table and have a perfect 16-0 season? Time will tell, but I don’t think so. The Bears, Texans, 49ers and Giants all have six wins heading into the second half of the season, are they all contenders? The answer is yes! Of the five win teams (Vikings, Ravens, Patriots, Packers) there are two Super Bowl Championship teams in this pack that are slowly making their presence known. After a slow start, both Green Bay and New England are getting healthy at the right time, playing dominate on offense and steady on defense. When I look at the eight four win teams at the half way mark, only the Broncos, Colts and Steelers have a chance to squeeze their way into the wild card picture. There is a lot of football to be played in the next eight weeks and I look forward to watching every single play.

Softli’s week 9 picks

Kansas City @ San Diego = Chargers (twitted prediction on Thursday via @SoftliSTL)

Buffalo @ Houston = Texans

Chicago @ Tennessee = Bears

Denver @ Cincinnati = Bengals

Arizona @ Green Bay = Packers

Miami @ Indianapolis = Colts

Detroit @ Jacksonville = Lions

Carolina @ Washington = Redskins

Minnesota @ Seattle = Seahawks

Baltimore @ Cleveland = Ravens

Tampa Bay @ Oakland = Buccaneers

Pittsburgh @ NYG = Giants

Dallas @ Atlanta = Cowboys

Philadelphia @ New Orleans = Saints

I’m not a professional odds maker. Please, please don’t bet the farm or mortgage the house on the above information even though I’m 70-49 after Week 8 on picking games straight-up. I concentrate on NFL team rankings both offensively and defensively, injuries, overall statistics, schemes, 53 man roster personnel and I evaluate a lot of film.