Who would have thought the St. Louis Rams would be 3-0 at home and 2-0 in the NFC West Division as the youngest team in the NFL? My answer is Coach Fisher, his staff, Rams players in that locker room and the folks in the organization within those walls at Rams Park. While focused on their next opponent, the Miami Dolphins, they are very pleased with their current overall record but understand the challenges and the continued development needed to accomplish one of their 2012 season goals and that is to win the NFC West division.

The Rams were victorious Thursday night against the undefeated Arizona Cardinal setting the tone for some good match ups this weekend, possible record setting and typical NFL football, expect the unexpected in Week five. According to @NFLfootballinfo, 2,986 points scored in 1st 4 weeks is most of any 4-week span in NFL history, topping 2,961 in Weeks 12-15 of 2004. NFL teams in Week 4 scored 699 points, bringing the season total to 2,986 points entering Week 5, the most points for the first four weeks of any NFL season, and the most for a four week period in NFL History.

The most points scored in four consecutive weeks and five consecutive weeks of any NFL season:


2012 Weeks 1-4 2,986 2011 Weeks 13-17 3,643

2004 Weeks 12-15 2,961 2004 Weeks 12-16 3,616

2011 Weeks 14-17 2,931 2010 Weeks 12-16 3,587

2011 Weeks 1-4 2,916 2004 Weeks 11-15 3,574

2007 Weeks 11-14 2,899 2004 Weeks 13-17 3,571

Below are the most touchdowns scored in the NFL within the first four weeks of any season in NFL History.


2012 327 2011 396

2011 321 2002 394

2002 316 2009 370

2009 299 1985 369

1989 299 2008 364

One of the most productive quarterbacks in NFL history is Drew Brees. He has a chance to make further history extending his streak of 47 consecutive games with a touchdown pass this weekend and all eyes will be watching, including suspended Head Coach Sean Peyton and Assistant Coach Joe Vitt and G.M. Mickey Loomis who received the OK from the NFL league office to attend this weekend’s possible record setting event by Brees.

Softli’s Week 5 NFL Picks

Arizona @ St. Louis = Rams (Prediction sent out on twitter account Thursday @SoftliSTL)

Baltimore @ Kansas City = Ravens

Miami @ Cincinnati = Bengals

Cleveland @ NYG = Giants

Green Bay @ Indianapolis = Packers

Atlanta @ Washington = Falcons

Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh = Eagles

Seattle @ Carolina = Panthers

Chicago @Jacksonville = Bears

Denver @ New England = Patriot’s

Buffalo @ San Francisco = 49ers

Tennessee @ Minnesota = Vikings

San Diego @ New Orleans = Chargers

Houston @ NYJ = Texans

Remember, I’m not a professional odds maker. Please, please don’t bet the farm or mortgage the house on the above information (even though I’m 39-24 after Week 4). I have a jump on week 5 with the Rams win over undefeated Arizona on Thursday Night Football pushing my overall record to 40-24.

Some information in this blog was provided by @ NFLfootballinfo and NFL Communications