As the teams take hold of divisional leads and the wild card picture starts to clear, Week 12 is here. There are several teams that are still in the hunt, some will need help from others while a few control their own dynasty. Here are the teams fighting for their lives, currently on the outside looking in; AFC – Cincinnati Bengals (5-5), San Diego Chargers (4-6), Tennessee Titans (4-6), Buffalo Bills (4-6). NFC – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-4), Minnesota Vikings (6-4), New Orleans Saints (5-5), Washington Redskins (5-6). Here is what the playoff picture looks like as of right now.

Wild Card Round

National Football Conference:

Seattle (6th seed) vs. Green Bay (3rd seed)

Chicago (5th seed) vs. NYG (4th seed)

American Football Conference:

Indianapolis (5th seed) vs. Denver (4th seed)

Pittsburgh (6th seed) vs. New England (3rd seed)

Divisional Playoff Round

NFC – Atlanta; would face the lowest winning seed from NFC Wild Card Round

NFC – San Francisco; would face the highest winning seed from the NFC Wild Card Round

AFC – Houston; would face the lowest winning seed from the AFC Wild Card Round

AFC – Baltimore; would face the highest winning seed from the AFC Wild Card Round

Next week I will break down tie breakers with in the Division, Conference and within the Wild Card teams as well.

Week 12 predictions

Houston @ Detroit = Texans (*)

Washington @ Dallas = Cowboys (*)

New England @ NYJ = Patriots (*)

St. Louis @ Arizona = Rams

Denver @ Kansas City = Broncos

Minnesota @ Chicago = Vikings

Seattle @Miami = Seahawks

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland = Steelers

Buffalo @ Indianapolis = Colts

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay = Falcons

Tennessee @ Jacksonville = Jaguars

Oakland @ Cincinnati = Bengals

Baltimore @ San Diego = Ravens

San Francisco @ New Orleans = 49ers

Green Bay @ NYG = Packers

Carolina @ Philadelphia = Panthers

I’m not a professional odds maker. Please, please don’t bet the farm or mortgage the house on the above information, even though I’m 102-60-1 after Week 11 picking games straight-up. I concentrate on NFL team rankings both offensively and defensively, injuries, overall statistics, schemes, 53 man roster personnel and I evaluate a lot of film.