Before I dive into my picks for Week 10, I want to give thanks that the barrage of commercials from the election is all over!! Thank God, I was tired of the bantering and hammering of Democrats vs. Republicans on both the national and local level. The mudslinging was atrocious and If I had to hear one more lie that was stretched out to make it sound like the truth I would have pulled my hair out…that’s right I don’t have any! Maybe my mustache….NO!

One very interesting outcome which stirred up some concern in the NFL was both Washington and Colorado voting to legalize marijuana. As you can imagine, this sent up a major red flag, in fact the NFLPA moved rather swiftly, informing their players that marijuana remains prohibited in the NFL and is still a banned drug. The players union sent a letter to all certified agents and player representatives with a detailed explanation stating that marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law.

I think sending a letter out to the player reps was a smart idea. Is there a chance we would have witnessed a large influx of suspensions league wide? Probably not, but for those that vacation in Washington or Colorado, or play for either the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos this letter was very appropriate.

OK…lets get back to football here our my picks for week 10:

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville = Colts (I tweeted this prediction via @SoftliSTL on Thursday)

St. Louis @ San Francisco = 49ers

NYG @ Cincinnati = Giants

Denver @ Carolina = Broncos

San Diego @ Tampa Bay = Buccaneers

Buffalo @ New England = Patriots

Atlanta @New Orleans = Saints

Oakland @ Baltimore = Ravens

Detroit @ Minnesota = Vikings

Tennessee @ Miami = Dolphins

NYJ @ Seattle = Seahawks

Dallas @ Philadelphia = Cowboys

Houston @ Chicago = Bears

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh = Steelers

I’m not a professional odds maker. Please, please don’t bet the farm or mortgage the house on the above information even though I’m 80-53 after Week 9 on picking games straight-up. I concentrate on NFL team rankings both offensively and defensively, injuries, overall statistics, schemes, 53 man roster personnel and I evaluate a lot of film.