As we approach Week 7 in the NFL there are some very intriguing match ups; Baltimore at Houston, Washington at NYG, Detroit at Chicago and NYJ at New England. But this week starts with Thursday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks traveling to the San Francisco to take on the 49ers.

With the first six weeks of the 2012 season already in the books, the NFL has not disappointed its fans as a true passing league with the quarterbacks leading the way. Through Week 6, the quarterbacks have combined league wide for a 86.3 passer rating and a completion percentage of 61.9. If this continues it will mark the highest in both categories for a season in NFL history, topping the marks set in the 2011 season (passer rating of 84.3) and 2007 (completion percentage 61.2). Yards per pass attempt average could be the highest of any season, currently is 7.27, this season marks the highest yard-per-pass attempt average since 1966; 2011 7.20, 1983 7.18, 1989 7.15, 1984 7.14, 2004 7.05 and 2012 7.27 average through week six, who said the spread offense scheme would not creep into the NFL, well it’s here.

This year we’ve seen five rookie quarterbacks start opening day and thus far have put up very good production; Andrew Luck – Colts (has three 300-yard passing games) , Robert Griffin III – Redskins, Ryan Tannehill – Dolphins, Brandon Weedon – Browns and Russell Wilson – Seahawks. These young signal callers are the best young guns to come out of one draft class since I can remember.

In week 7, the game of the week is Seattle vs. San Francisco for several reasons;

Divisional Chase – Thursday’s game will have tie breaker implications within the NFC West.

53 Man Roster – Both rosters are full of Blue players (playmakers/difference makers) and a play-off team must have at least 10 on a roster. A high percentage of both rosters are loaded with Red players’ (starters and heavy contributors) with production that flash blue traits.

Defense – This is the area of strength for both teams, explosive attacking defenses with speed and play making ability. The 49ers have the best front seven, but the Seahawks have a better backend or secondary. When I compared production it was close: total yards per game; Seattle 294.7/San Francisco 275.8; total passing yards per game Seattle 224.7/San Francisco 183.2; rushing yards per game Seattle 70.0/San Francisco 92.7; points per game Seattle 15.5/San Francisco 15.7; 3rd down conversion percentage Seattle 40/San Francisco 35.5; interceptions Seattle 5/San Francisco 4; sacks Seattle 17/San Francisco 9; points allowed Seattle 93/San Francisco 94.

Offense – While San Francisco has shown more consistency and production on this side of the ball, Seattle is playing well and winning by running the “beast” Marshawn Lynch, which will help in the growth and development of quarterback Russell Wilson which will aid in his growth in the third and fourth quarters of the season. Lets take a look at production: yards per game Seattle 300.7/San Francisco 387.0; passing yards per game Seattle 169.7/San Francisco 210.2; rushing yards per game Seattle 131.0/San Francisco 176.8; points per game Seattle 18.3/San Francisco 25.3; 3rd down conversion 32.9/San Francisco 37.3; time of possession 1860.0/San Francisco 1900.0; sacked Seattle 12/San Francisco 13.

Working on a short week of preparation, pressure mounting, and the goal is to win a divisional game on Thursday Night Football in front of the other thirty NFL clubs. With the Seahawks coming off a big win at home and the 49ers embarrassed by the World Champion Giants in front of their fans, sets this contest up as the Game of the Week.