Its only week two in the NFL, there is no need to panic! Tell that to the winless teams preparing for battle either on the road or in the comfort of their home stadium.  For several teams they will be 0-2 after Monday Night Football.  The sense of urgency this week in both coaches and positional meetings, weight room, rehabbing bumps and bruises in the training room and preparation on the practice field, everyone is working hard to make sure week two results in a win.  At the end of the weekend, no more than 13 teams can claim the right to a perfect 2-0 record, leaving at least 19 clubs at 1-1 or 0-2.


Below is a look at how NFL playoff teams in 2012 and 2013 began their seasons

                                       2012                                                                                      2013 

Team After 2 games Playoff Result Team After 2 games Playoff Result
Atlanta 2-0 Advanced to Conf. Champ. Carolina 0-2 Advanced to Divisional
Baltimore 1-1 Won Super Bowl XLVII Cincinnati 1-1 Advanced to Wild Card
Cincinnati 1-1 Advanced to Wild Card Denver 2-0 Advanced to Super Bowl XLVIII
Denver 1-1 Advanced to Divisional Green Bay 1-1 Advanced to Wild Card
Green Bay 1-1 Advanced to Divisional Indianapolis 1-1 Advanced to Divisional
Houston 2-0 Advanced to Divisional Kansas City 2-0 Advanced to Wild Card
Indianapolis 1-1 Advanced to Wild Card New England 2-0 Advanced to Conf. Champ.
Minnesota 1-1 Advanced to Wild Card New Orleans 2-0 Advanced to Divisional
New England 1-1 Advanced to Conf. Champ. Philadelphia 1-1 Advanced to Wild Card
San Francisco 2-0 Advanced to Super Bowl XLVII San Diego 1-1 Advanced to Divisional
Seattle 1-1 Advanced to Divisional San Francisco 1-1 Advanced to Conf. Champ.
Washington 1-1 Advanced to Wild Card Seattle 2-0 Won Super Bowl XLVIII

I’ve always said let the season play-out, there is a lot of football to be played.  The first week of the season doesn’t describe who you are or how smooth or rocky the road will be for the next 15 weeks, so continue to work hard and let everything play out.  The bottom line for teams that drop into the 0-2 hole, your chances of picking in the top 10 of the up coming NFL Draft is more likely then making the playoffs.


Softli’s  Week 2 Predictions

Miami @ Buffallo                            Dolphins

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore                 Steelers

Jacksonville @ Washington          Redskins

Arizona @ NYG                                 Cardinals

New England @ Minnesota           Patriots

New Orleans @ Cleveland             Saints

Detroit @ Carolina                           Panthers

Atlanta @ Cincinnati                       Bengals

Dallas @ Tennessee                        Titians

Seattle @ San Diego                       Seahawks

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay                   Buccaneers

Houston @ Oakland                        Texans

Kansas City @ Denver                    Broncos

NYJ @ Green Bay                             Packers

Chicago @ San Francisco               49ers

Philadelphia @Indianapolis          Colts


Week 1 results: 9-7


NFL News and Notes:  The National Football League will honor and salute the 200th anniversary of the Star – Spangled Banner.  The NFL, its players and fans will take time this weekend to recognize the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key writing of the Star-Spangled Banner. The tribute will begin on Thursday Night Football with in stadium videos created by NFL Films and will also be broadcasted on all the network showing the games this weekend.   The NFL will have a special Thursday Night Football version on September 11th to recognize the significance of that date in American history.