The St. Louis Rams announced Thursday that their entire 2013 draft class is under contract. All seven picks have signed on the dotted line. While terms of the deals were not disclosed by the organization, league sources revealed that first-round selection Tavon Austin is now a rich man.

Rams’ 2013 draft class:

WR Tavon Austin (1st round, 8th overall) – $12.7 million contract with a $7.61 signing bonus, per league sources.

OLB Alec Ogletree (1st round, 30th overall)

DB T.J. McDonald (3rd round, 71st  overall)

WR Stedman Bailey (3rd round, 92nd overall)

OL Barrett Jones (4th round, 113th overall)

CB Brandon McGee (5th round, 149th overall)

RB Zac Stacy (5th round, 160th overall)

The 2013 draft class is no different than last year’s, insofar as both had to attend the Rams’ “Financial Planning 101″ sessions. The sessions are to create awareness and give education on handling money on a daily basis, future investments and protection from family, friends and strangers, not to mention scams. A lot of NFL clubs have programs in place, sessions involving lawyers, financial advisors, bankers and law enforcement that rookies must attend.

The final OTA practice session will be today. Then the veterans will bolt for Lambert Airport to catch flights to their favorite vacation destinations or cars to make a short drive to see family and or friends. As for the rookies, though, they will hang around town for another week.

“The rookies have one more week here, yes,” head coach Jeff Fisher said yesterday. “That week will be primarily just conditioning. Just training, pushing the conditioning level, getting ready for camp, and then there will be some off-the-field activities.”

Last year’s off-field activities found the rookies in the public eye, visiting famous St. Louis landmarks like Ted Drews and Crown Candy, where they took pictures with fans and signed autographs. Later in the week, they will receive a short stretch of time off.

Staying focused and in shape will be the crucial message Fisher and his staff send to the team, especially the rookie class.

“They know that they’ll be tested when they return, so there’s an incentive to stay in shape,” Fisher said. “They’re going to get their workout package. They’re going to get the list of reminders. You know all those things associated with summer. It’s the four-wheelers and the wave runners, all those things because strange things happen out there and, most of the time, they’re accidental and then to make sure that you’re taking of your body and making good decisions.”