When watching film on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past week, I have noticed their defense has their moments. They’re ranked 1st against the run but 32nd against the pass, it’s like Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome, just not sure who is going to show up. That goes for the offense as well, quarterback Josh Freeman is strong in stature and has a cannon for an arm with touch and anticipation with the ability to throw the ball from several platforms, on the move or with defenders draped all over him. Despite some spotty inconsistencies the past several weeks (interceptions), the Rams defense currently ranks 9th in the NFL but has a big challenge on Sunday in South Florida.

When Coach Fisher was asked about this Tampa team, which is +7 on turnover differential, he made these comments, “Defensively they’re first in the league against the run in yards per game and in rushing yardage per carry. They had some turnovers last week and couldn’t overcome them, but they’ve been playing well”. On RB Doug Martin, “He’s just an outstanding back. We had high grades on him coming out of last year’s draft. Knew he was going to be a good pro. Had a lot of touches. He’s got I think over 300 touches. Making a lot of plays in the passing game as well as in the running game,” Coach Fisher replied.

When asked about the Buccaneers wide receiving corp, “Big, tall, strong targets. Can go get the football. The quarterback trusts them. Of course, they’ve got (Buccaneers TE) Dallas Clark, who I’m very familiar with. They do a nice job offensively.”

Fisher thinks highly of Josh Freeman as well, “He makes all the throws. The tough part about him is that he’s so big and strong. He’s hard to get down. He can break tackles. He’ll get himself out of trouble just because of his strength.”

Softli’s Picks for week 16

Atlanta @ Detroit = Falcons

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay = Buccaneers

Indianapolis @ Kansas City = Colts

Washington @ Philadelphia = Redskins

San Diego @ NYJ = Chargers

Buffalo @ Miami = Dolphins

Oakland @ Carolina = Panthers

New England @ Jacksonville = Patriots

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh = Bengals

Tennessee @ Green Bay = Packers

Minnesota @ Houston = Texans

New Orleans @ Dallas = Saints

Cleveland @ Denver = Broncos

Chicago @ Arizona = Bears

NYG @ Baltimore = Giants

San Francisco @ Seattle = 49ers

I’m not a professional odds maker. Please, please don’t bet the farm or mortgage the house on the above information, even though I’m 142-85-1 after Week 15. I pick games straight-up, concentrating on NFL team rankings both offensively and defensively, injuries, overall statistics, schemes, 53 man roster personnel and I evaluate a lot of film.