The Rams took the practice field Wednesday in preparation for the New York Jets on Sunday. Coach Fisher and staff were coaching and teaching from period to period and drill to drill. The practice was productive and extremely spirited. Half way through the players were allowed to take off their helmets as they finished the practice in a ¾ speed tempo.

When Coach Fisher was asked about the practice he made this reply, “”We’re only permitted to have so many practices in shoulder pads, but the design of backing down a little bit was just the fact that we played an extra quarter and so they can get their legs back.”

The New CBA states that regular season practice sessions are limited to 14 padded practices (helmet & shoulder pads). Of the 14 practices only 11 of those sessions must be held during the first 11 weeks, and the remaining 3 practices must be held during the remaining 6 weeks. During the post season 1 padded practice is allowed per week.

Suspensions Lifted

Last week’s pre-game earthquake came when the Rams inactives list was announced and included rookies WR Chris Givens and CB Janoris Jenkins. Both had been starters that have made a huge impact and have been a big part of the Rams’ production in the first half of the season. Not only were they inactive but suspended as well. On Wednesday the after shock was still felt when reporters asked Chris Givens about his suspension he responded, ” I betrayed my teammates and I feel terrible about the mistake I made and it won’t happen again. I talked to the team and let them know I was sorry for leaving them hanging and letting them down in such a short notice, it is something that they supported me and their telling me I have to learn from my mistakes and grow up and move forward. Being out there knowing I let my team down was disappointing to me and I disappointed a lot of other people.”

Both rookies were saying the right things but looking into the eyes of Coach Fisher you could sense the suspension might be over, but the lesson will linger on for some time. In other words, the two youngsters are still in the dog house.

When coach was asked about the suspensions of his two top rookies he made this comment, “they’ve rejoined the program and the issues are behind them. They’ve been addressed and they’re back on the practice field.” Coach also was asked if the two young Rams would be in the starting role, Fisher said “they will play.”

Quick Making Strides

Speaking of Rams rookies, Brain Quick continues to make strides both in practice, the classroom and on the field. The former Appalachian State star receiver, who dominated the Southern Conference, is growing up right in front of us. Chris Givens’ suspension gave Quick an opportunity to step up and get more playing time, more reps and more opportunities to get better. Let’s be honest, the showing against the New England Patriots was not stellar, but you saw flashes of ability.

Quick said getting that touchdown against the 49ers, “felt great.” With a smile that stretched from ear to ear, he was quick to say he understands that he must still continue to grow in the offense and develop his skill set to become a top tier player in the NFL.

I joked around with him about the violent stiff arm he delivered on the 49ers defender, “he tried to jam me,” Quick said, “I had to be physical and use my size to my advantage, I felt like I needed to make a play, my number was called, so I went out there, coaches gave me a chance and I felt good about it”.

I also asked the young receiver about his current comfort level of the offense, “new plays come in, I’m on it. I know what I’m doing, formations, where everybody lines up, were everybody is supposed to be and that makes it so much easier, now go out there and play. Hopefully you will see a lot of me, a little bit more of me, hopefully I will be out there making plays”.

The Rams went toe to toe with the 49ers on the road and traveled back home with not a win, or loss but a tie. They played extremely physical against a team that generally sets the tone, but still fell short against the 49ers. Fisher’s Rams will face the New York Jets (3-6 recod) on Sunday and they will need to display the same game day attitude, eliminate the mistakes and get their fourth win of the season. The 12th Ram will also need to be LOUD and on their game as well.

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