Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have trimmed the roster to 53, but their recent past history of wheeling and dealing tells me that they are not done and certain players on the roster better not find a house just yet.

For all 32 teams the personnel phones are hot, the coaches and scouts (both pro and college) are grinding last minute tape to make the final decision on cutting several players and bringing in another from outside the present family. When I analyze a club, or in this case clubs, you can tell exactly what they are trying to accomplish, and which direction their team is headed, based solely on their off-season and in-season moves. To add a player at this date tells me they lack play makers and difference makers on the roster in key positions. It also says a club has major depth or injury issues, but on the other hand if a club has the chance to upgrade the backend of the roster that is what you do, as long as there are no cap issues, teams always look to upgrade.

When Fisher was asked about the Rams’ overall process and if the Rams are going to be active he replied, “We’re not done with the process. It’s a difficult process but we’ll get there. We’re also currently evaluating other peoples’ lists. I think that’s important to do. In the event that we feel like someone’s out there that can help us, then we’ll go ahead and make a move.”

This is a very rough time of year for a player on the bubble with the uncertainty of their future and where and if they will play professional football. “They’re all the same as far as speaking to the individual players. No conversation is easier than the other. You’re letting guys go. This is their dream and they worked hard at it. You tell them the truth and you move on. You try to make them feel good about what they’ve done. But as far as the positions are concerned, we’ve got depth at a lot of positions and unfortunately we can’t keep everybody there,” Fisher said.

Here are a list of the cuts, courtesy of

DT Cornell Banks, C Tim Barnes, QB Tom Brandstater, DE Mason Brodine, LB Aaron Brown, LB Sammy Brown, CB Kendric Burney, QB Kellen Clemens, DE Vernon Gholston, FB Ben Guidugli, TE Cory Harkey, OL T. Bob Hebert, DE Jamaar Jarrett, WR Nick Johnson, T Joe Long, G Bryan Mattison, FB Ovie Mughelli, TE Deangelo Peterson, RB Chase Reynolds, DE Scott Smith, OL Jose Valdez.

Here is a look at the final roster.

The focus is now on the Detroit Lions and to stop the best player in the NFL in Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. The Rams will have their work cut out for them, on the road against another NFC foe and a 2011 playoff team.