Prayers for the Reid Family-Sunday morning’s news of the passing of Garrett Reid, son of Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, sent a shock wave of sadness throughout the NFL, and reminded us all how precious life really is.

Hall of Fame Game-NFL fans were treated to the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday night between the New Orleans Saints and the Arizona Cardinals. The game was governed by the NFL’s replacement officials. On Monday, the NFLRA (National Football League Referees Association) delivered a document of spotted errors made by the scab officials. As you can imagine, the NFL was not impressed by the list of information and didn’t waiver with the NFLRA’s attempt to smear the current replacement officials.

The bottom line is not about the referees, it’s the Cardinals that are in trouble. They signed Kevin Kolb to a contract with $21 million guaranteed, and have yet to reap any benefits from the deal. The lack of a top notch quarterback must be troubling to Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald, not to mention the Bidwell family.

Suspension Reduction- Yesterday, Twitter was abuzz with news of the NFL lifting the suspension of Jonathan Vilma and his teammates. ESPN’s Ed Werder, Chris Mortenson and Adam Schefter, conjointly reported that the NFL offered a suspension reduction for Saints’ linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s from 16 games to eight. Later the NFL refuted the report, adamantly.

“As we reported, settlement discussions have taken place,” Werder said. “Was there a formal offer? Was there a hypothetical offer? I don’t think anybody can be quite sure exactly the form this took. And while the NFL has vehemently denied the accuracy of the story at all, I can tell you that the other side — the sources who provided this information to us last night — have been equally adamant that we stand our ground, that the information is correct, that there have been settlement discussions, and that the NFL has offered to significantly lessen Jonathan Vilma’s suspension is he agrees to drop the defamation suit.” Werder addressed the situation on ESPN’s NFL Live.

Wild Wild West- The NFC West continues to get more interesting every day. While the San Francisco 49ers added aged veteran Randy Moss during the spring, the Seattle Seahawks worked out and signed street free agent Terrell Owens on Monday. Owens spent the 2011 season rehabbing a knee that was not ready by NFL standards. After playing, and being cut, in the arena league, T.O. is back in the NFL.