This is the time in the yearly sports calendar when we experience no NHL and NBA games, and very little to no sports news from the big four (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) in general. The 84th MLB All-Star Game was played last night at Citi Field, and the Home Run Derby on Monday night was exciting until Yoenis Cespedes’ last mighty swing.

After the American League toppled its competition from the National League and until Friday, though, the “Professional Sports Cone of Silence” takes hold. As in a major storm, the temperature drops and dark clouds roll in. It is a very quiet time for several days, and then boom!

MLB games are back and in full swing on Friday as fans cheer for their favorite teams down the stretch in hopes of a World Series run. The NBA Summer League invades Las Vegas for a week of exhibition games, while the NHL preseason is just around the corner, in September.

With a few of the NFL teams’ rookies reporting early to training camps this week, all clubs are expected to kick off 2013 training camp sessions by the middle of next week. Between this very minute and Friday afternoon, does time stand still? No. Yet, is there a level of anxiety for all sports fans during this time of the unknown? Yes!

For the hardcore NFL fans, armchair quarterbacks, gamblers, ladies who love and know the game better than their significant others, analysts and media, the anticipation for the start of the preseason, Hall of Fame Game and, of course, the regular campaign can be staggering. First, however, all 32 teams must report to training camp. Even the players are eager to get started, watching both the rookies and veterans unload their vehicles of pillows, blankets, luggage. Some carry flat screens. Many of them will move in stereos and their favorite video console of choice (Xbox, Wii or PlayStation) while checking into their college dorm rooms or hotels. They simultaneously prepare for their introductory physicals with trainers and doctors, team meetings and get their minds right for not only the first practice session of training camp, but the looming 24-week grind with the ultimate goal in mind: the Lombardi Trophy.

The storm is nearly here. The excitement it brings can be felt in all 32 NFL organizations, their cities and fans the world over.

At least when the Cone of Silence is lifted, and soon.