The preseason is actually a small glimpse of what a NFL team maybe athletically and physically, and what the team will look like from an organizational standpoint. Anticipation and timing on offense, plus gap fit responsibilities along tackling skills on defense, are monitored moving forward.

But in the end, it’s more about getting some quality work against another NFL team and coming out of the game without a major injury. The stats are not officially kept by the league or the team so that really doesn’t matter.  For the players competing for a spot on the 53-man roster, though, they look to impress coaches in walk-throughs and practice sessions while they fight for their lives, and a chance to be among the 1,696 players that make up the leagues 53 man rosters.

Both offensive and defensive coordinators work to fine-tune their play-calling skills, while not showing any strategic possibilities for the regular season. They restrain themselves from using their toys and not putting them on full display in multiple situations, giving the competition and fan just a taste of what is to come.

Head Coaches, meanwhile, fine-tune their routine, from pregame warm-ups, in-game management, to the victory kneel-down. They also work through the kinks when it comes to, in-game communications with the staff, clock management and referee communication, making sure the new rule changes in 2014 don’t result in a penalty for his team when it matters most.

The ultimate goal in the preseason is to come together as a team, roster analysis and the development and developing a 53 man roster of the best players from the 90 man roster they started with in training camp.  Coaches drive players to compete and except execution regardless of first team, second team or third.  They push the team to achieve anticipation, timing, and togetherness at the end of the four weeks picking the best 53 players is the organization objective.

It is not about the final score, but coming together as a TEAM and fine tuning the machine for the long haul through a rigorist 17 week journey.