The 2012 Rams will go 7-9. Have I lost my mind? Am I off my rocker? Am I just flat out koo koo? NO! I’ve spent every day around the St. Louis Rams since Jeff Fisher has taken over the helm. I see the confidence he has installed in this young team along with his relaxed but intense personality. Fisher is extremely competitive. He has the unique ability to have players follow him and play hard for him. His message in team meetings has permeated into the locker room and his message of winning now has excited the Rams organization and their fan base as well. We will see a lot of fight, heart, second effort and desire out of this young team but in the end there will be some growing pains that they will need to work through.

NFL fans really don’t understand how hard it is to win one game in the NFL. To put together a winning streak is huge but the challenge is winning on the road. A road trip consisting of 53 men, coaching staff and administrators leave their comfort zone of family and home surroundings and get ready to battle a team in a fierce and competitive environment. The road team must have an “us against the world” attitude, and Jeff Fisher is just the man to instill that mind set into the youngest team in the NFL as they prepare for the Lions this afternoon.

I have listed the 2012 Rams schedule below, with the results;

Detroit Lions – L

Washington Redskins – W

Chicago Bears – L

Seattle Seahawks – L

Arizona Cardinals – W (Thursday Prime Time)

Miami Dolphins – W

Green Bay Packers – L

New England Patriots – L (London, England)

San Francisco 49ers – L


Arizona Cardinals – W

San Francisco 49ers – L

Buffalo Bills – W

Minnesota Vikings – W

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – L

Seattle Seahawks – L

While I don’t think the Rams will earn a wildcard spot in 2012, and are a few years away from winning the division, the proper championship building blocks will be formed this season. A lot of questions will be answered on what pieces are left to attain but the young well coached team will grow up quickly.