NFL fans are excited to see the preseason come to a close because that means the regular season is here.  Fantasy football league drafts are over, teams are set.  Before the regular season can began, NFL clubs must trim the fat and whittle their rosters to 53.   The first wave of cut deadlines starts Tuesday (August 26th) were teams can only carry 75 players on the roster by 4 PM ET.  A week later clubs will have several difficult decisions in trimming their rosters to the mandatory 53 players by Saturday (August 30th) 4 PM ET.

The final preseason games will all be played Thursday (August 28th) allowing all 32 teams the same amount of rest and preparation time prior to the season openers.

Atlanta at Jacksonville, 6:00 PM

Washington at Tampa Bay, 7:30 PM

Detroit at Buffalo, 7:00 PM

Chicago at Cleveland, 8:00 PM

Indianapolis at Cincinnati, 7:00 PM

Denver at Dallas 7:00 PM

Kansas City at Green Bay, 6:00 PM

San Francisco at Houston, 7:00 PM

St. Louis at Miami, 7:00 PM

Baltimore at New Orleans, 7:00 PM

New York Jets at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM (NFLN)

Minnesota at Tennessee, 7:00 PM

New England at New York Giants, 7:30 PM

Seattle at Oakland, 7:00 PM (NFLN)

Carolina at Pittsburgh, 7:30 PM

Arizona at San Diego, 7:00 PM


NFL News and Notes:

  • Thirty-seven of the 48 Super Bowl champions (77.1 percent) finished the preseason with a winning percentage of at least .500.
  • Since 2000, the 14 Super Bowl champions have combined for a 36-20 (.643) preseason record during their championship seasons.
  • A year ago, the Seattle Seahawks posted a 4-0 preseason record and went on to win Super Bowl XLVIII.


(Statistical data in this blog was provided by NFL Communications)