By Tony Softli

Over the years their has been a lot of debate when it comes to playing rookie quarterbacks.  Like baskin and robins who has 32 flavors, each NFL club has their own philosophy when it comes to starting their young signal caller.  Teams that draft a quarterback high in round one, most of the time are pressured by ownership to play them early, those that are drafted later hold the clip board while a veteran quarterback bridges the gap while young guns develop.  

Former USC Trojan Sam Darnold the Jets rookie quarterback and number three pick overall of the 2018 NFL draft gets the call, butterflies stirring as he faces the Detroit Lions on the largest stage next to the Super Bowl, Monday Night Football.  

With Darnold starting on MNF, at least one rookie quarterback has started in week one in eleven consecutive seasons, the longest streak in the NFL since 1950.

Below are the rookie quarterbacks who as started week one since 2008.

2008 Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens 11-5
2008 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons 11-5
2009 Mark Sanchez New York Jets 8-7
2009 Matthew Stafford* Detroit Lions 2-8
2010 Sam Bradford* St. Louis Rams 7-9
2011 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals 9-7
2011 Cam Newton* Carolina Panthers 6-10
2012 Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins 9-6
2012 Andrew Luck* Indianapolis Colts 11-5
2012 Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins 7-9
2012 Brandon Weeden Cleveland Browns 5-10
2012 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks 11-5
2013 EJ Manuel Buffalo Bills 4-6
2013 Geno Smith New York Jets 8-8
2014 Derek Carr Oakland Raiders 3-13
2015 Marcus Mariota Tennessee Titans 3-13
2015 Jameis Winston* Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-10
2016 Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys 13-3
2016 Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles 7-9
2017 DeShone Kizer Cleveland Browns 0-15
2018 Sam Darnold^ New York Jets
^Expected to start in Week 1
*No. 1 overall pick


Data provided by NFL Communications