The yearly NFL Regional Combines kick-off this weekend in Miami at Doctors Hospital Training Facility.  All draft able players who’s eligibility expired in 2014 are allowed to participate in this yearly event.  These combines are strategically positioned throughout the United States with the exception of the west-coast.  The NFL will be represented by every team.


Below are the dates, locations and facility in which the combines will be held:


Feb. 7 at Doctors Hospital Training Facility in Miami


Feb. 14 at Methodist Training Center in Houston


Feb. 21 at Paul D. Bowlen Memorial Broncos Center in Denver


Feb. 28 at Under Armour Performance Center in Baltimore


March 7 at Halas Hall at Conway Park in Chicago


Players are run threw a battery of tests, measured and filmed for scouts review later at club headquarters.  These regional combines are a smaller version of the NIC/NFL Combine held in Indianapolis every February and the data is shared with all 32 NFL clubs.  The NFL also holds a Super Regional Combine for the top performers which will be invited to participate at the Arizona Cardinals’ facility on March 21st.