Week long practices are complete.  The visiting teams have flown to the host cities and the injury reports have been submitted.  The only thing left is to play the games.  When teams reach this stage of playoffs, everybody is rehabbing, there is no home field advantage and road teams maybe victorious. Whomever dominates ball control, grinding the clock to win time of possession will gain an edge, turnover differential remains the key.  But dont forget about personnel, it separates teams at this stage like oil and water.

Kansas City @ New England = Chiefs  (Saturday)

Green Bay @ Arizona = Cardinals  (Saturday)

Seattle @ Carolina = Seahawks  (Sunday)

Pittsburgh @ Denver = Broncos  (Sunday)

As you know I’m not a professional odds maker and I encourage you not to bet the house based off these picks.  My picks are ‘Straight Up’ and based off film study, injury report and personnel match-ups.  Good luck in the Divisional Playoffs!