Now that the dust has settled, the player’s lockers have been cleared out, the exiting physicals are done and the coaching staffs have put their finial grades on the 2012 season, only two teams remain with Super Bowl Sunday on the horizon. Free Agency and the draft are just around the corner, but first let’s take a look at 2013 team needs.

When heading into the NFL’s new league year, teams first work hard to evaluate and grade their current roster. Secondly, general managers and capologist search for cap casualties on the roster; players with contracts that can be reworked to create more cap space, possible trades or players with high earning projections that are struggling to find playing time due to injury history that they can let go.

National Football Conference

Arizona – Quarterback: is the major need for this organization and protecting the signal caller is second; OT, RB, OLB, ILB, OG

Atlanta – Defensive End: the inconsistent ability to stop the run on the edge and put pressure on the pocket; RB, TE, OLB, DT, OG

Carolina – Defensive Tackle: for two years now the Panthers have struggled with the lack of interior defensive line play and the inability to stop the run or squeeze the pocket. The present players at that position have grown long in the tooth; RT, CB, OG, OLB, PT

Chicago – Offensive Tackle: Protecting the edges was a major flaw in the Bear’s offense; MLB, OLB, OG, DT, TE

Dallas – Defensive Back: The backend of the Cowboy roster is in desperate need of a strong safety; DE, OG, DT, OLB, OT

Detroit – Defensive End: Lions will need to upgrade and build depth on several positions on defense, there is a good chance they will lose both defensive end starters, one due to lack of production the other through free agency; CB, OC, OLB, DB, OG, WR, RB

Green Bay – Running Back: The missing link on an offense that has explosive production in the passing game; OC, OLB, OT, WR, QB

Minnesota – Wide Receiver: When Percy Harvin went on IR, the Vikings receiving production went downhill fast and the offense relied on a very productive Adrian Peterson; QB, OLB, DB, DT, OT

New Orleans – Outside Linebacker: Applying pressure off the edge in their new 3-4 defense will be key; NT, OT, CB, ILB, DB, WR

NYG – Linebacker: This defense needs a face lift and it starts with the line backing corp of the Giants; OT, CB, WR, DE, OG

Philadelphia – Nose Tackle: The Eagles are incorporating a 3-4 scheme leaving them without a dominating big man in the middle; OLB, DE, OT, CB, DB

San Francisco – Wide Receiver: Randy Moss age and descending skill set only allows him to give the 49ers spot duty production. The 49ers need a true playmaker opposite of Crabtree; CB, DB, DE, OLB

Seattle – Wide Receiver: Surrounding Russell Wilson with more play makers outside the numbers should be Coach Carroll priorities; DE, OLB, RT, OG, DT

St. Louis – Defensive Back: Securing the back end of this young and talented defensive front is a priority for the Rams; WR, OLB, OG, OT, DT

Tampa Bay – Corner back: Injury issues and a trade depleted the talent in the backend of the defense needed to compete in the NFC South; DE, DT, TE, QB, OLB

Washington – Offensive Tackle: Protecting the edges and their franchise quarterback is the off season directive; DB, OG, OLB, WR, ILB

Key: QB = Quarterback, RB = Running Back, FB = Fullback, TE = Tight End, WR = Wide Receiver, OC = Center, OG = Guard, OT = Offensive Tackle, CB = Corner Back, DB = Safeties, OLB = Outside Linebacker, ILB = Inside Linebacker, DT = Defensive Tackle, DE = Defensive End, PT = Punter, PK = Place Kicker, SNP = Snapper, RS = Return Specialist, ATH = Athlete

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