Paying it forward

Giving back to the community is what it’s all about, not only during the holidays but all year around and no NFL organization and its players do it better than the St. Louis Rams. Linebacker Rocky McIntosh, defensive tackle Kendall Langford and several members of the Rams roster gave contributions to two very special events. McIntosh was in charge of the surprise visit to Herzog Elementary, he thrilled a group of 2nd & 3rd graders taking them on a field trip to a local YMCA. Langford held what is being called a “mentor dinner” at Mike Shannon’s Steaks & Seafood, involving fifteen kids from Gateway Tech High School. They were treated to a limo ride and then dinner, received a heart to heart talk about life choices, hanging with the right crowds, keeping good grades and keeping God first. When Kendall was asked about his donation back to the community he replied, “you get out of this what you put into it, this game, work hard and hit the books, you control your own destiny”.

A look at the NFC West QB’s

I’ve always said you need a good quarterback at the helm in order to become not only a good team, but a playoff team. We all recognize todays NFL has slowly migrated into a passing league for several reasons, but running the ball and playing stout defense is really the key. The question I have as the 2012 NFL season heads into the last quarter is which team in the NFC West has the best QB? Statistics don’t always tell the tale of one’s performance, especially for the quarterback position which must have a well-balanced supporting cast starting with a cohesive offensive line, tight ends that can both block and catch passes, receivers that can make plays all over the field and versatile running backs.

That being said, here is a look at the stats in the NFC West through Week 13:

Name NFL/NFC Ran Comp/Att Pct Yards Yds/att TD’s/Int Ratings

Alex Smith #4/#3 152/217 70.0 1,731 7.98 13/5 104.1

Russell Wilson #7/#4 201/317 63.4 2,344 7.39 19/8 95.2

Kevin Kolb #14/#9 109/183 59.6 1,169 6.39 8/3 86.1

Sam Bradford #22/#13 236/388 60.8 2,688 6.88 14/9 83.8

Colin Kaepernick (not ranked) 106/69 65.1 888 8.40 3/1 96.7

John Skelton (not ranked) 179/98 54.7 1058 6.4 8/3 64.4


Players that did not practice during the Wednesday practice session were; WR Danny Amendola (foot) who was not wearing a boot which is a great sign that he is healing and getting healthy; LB Mario Haggan (elbow) still rehabbing a severally injured elbow during the Jets games on November 18th; TE Mike McNeil (thigh) struggling from a deep thigh bruise; OC Scott Wells (knee) struggling to maintain swelling flair ups, he just needs rest which won’t come until after the season; RB Steven Jackson (foot) who only needs 135 yards to eclipse 10,000 yard mark for his career, took a day off and will most likely return to practice on Thursday.

The Rams have struggled with the AFC East opponents this season and there are a few things to prove this weekend. They need to show they have the ability to win another game on the road and, for the first time, prove they can deal with the cold weather elements. To bring home a “W” they must focus on offensive production, defensive dominance and sound productive special teams.