On Wednesday the Rams went back to work, it was business as usual for coaches and players alike. But this day was not only about getting back in the routine of meetings and practice sessions; it was about the “jet lag” that was affecting the Rams and everyone on the Monday evening flight out of St. Louis to the UK. Everyone was fighting the effects of lack of sleep.

There’s a big difference in six hour time change, it really gets to you. People think it’s just sleep, you can wake up and turn it on, but you really can’t, sleep is very important.

The Rams were up early in meetings and off for their first practice at the historical Arsenal training grounds. The walls of one of the premier football clubs in all of Europe was decorated with photos of players dating back to 1927. The facility is surrounded by multiple pitches (fields), I stopped counting after a dozen, they were pristine, manicured and cut low like putting greens, surrounded by 36 acres of undeveloped land. The international media was only allowed 20 minutes of viewable practice session but you could see the Rams were focused and ready to get back to work.

“The fields out here are first class, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a facility quite like this. We don’t have places back home where there’s 12, 13 football fields in a row. It’s pretty cool just having the opportunity to be over here and practice at a place like this.”, said Sam Bradford.

The New England Patriots arrive Friday to the UK and while they will be dealing with a five hour time change, it might prove to be a smart move by Coach Fisher bring his team to London six days before there game in Wembley Stadium, and could be the edge the Rams need in defeating Tom Brady and the Patriots.