The 2013 cap number is expected to raise about $400,000 to a total $121 million per team. The clubs that are currently over the projected amount will start some shuffling to get under those numbers by restructuring player contracts and cutting unrestricted free agents. The 2011 CBA agreement between NFL owners and the NFLPA states that all remaining cap funds are allowed to rollover. The totals attached in this file include 2012 cap space and rollover totals. There are two teams with negative cap totals, the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. These teams received a cap penalty that will affect the 2013 cap number.

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Key: QB = Quarterback, RB = Running Back, FB = Fullback, TE = Tight End, WR = Wide Receiver, OC = Center, OG = Guard, OT = Offensive Tackle, CB = Corner Back, DB = Safeties, OLB = Outside Linebacker, ILB = Inside Linebacker, MLB = Middle Linebacker, DT = Defensive Tackle, DE = Defensive End, PT = Punter, PK = Place Kicker, SNP = Snapper, RS = Return Specialist, ATH = Athlete, Age = over the age of 30