By Andrew De Fazio for

After months of waiting… and waiting… and waiting, the NFL season is finally here! While some games seem hard to predict in the eyes of some, there are other games in which I believe are lock victories for certain teams. With that said here are four teams that are guaranteed to win their week 1 matchup.


Patriots over the Chiefs


The defending Super bowl champions look like a tough matchup for the Chiefs this week. Although their defense could cause the Patriots offence some problems, I feel as though Tom Brady will make more plays than Alex Smith. As a result, the Patriots will do enough to win their opening game.


Falcons over the Bears

I see this being a long game for the Bears, specifically on the offensive side of the ball. Even though I like Jordan Howard, he is not a world-beater.  Neither is Mike Glennon, who I expect to struggle against a loaded Falcon defense. Along with this the Bears have to go up against the likes of Matt Ryan, Julio jones, and Devonta Freeman. Based on personal alone, the Bears are not able to matchup up with the Falcons dynamic offence.


Steelers over Browns

Can anyone recall the last time the Browns beat the Steelers (it was 2014 I had to look it up)? When looking at this matchup, I cannot see this Browns defense slowing down the Steelers offence. With Myles Garrett potentially missing this game, the Browns could have a difficult time applying pressure to Big Ben. This can ultimately give Ben ample time to drive the ball down field to receivers named Brown and Bryant. With their passing game rolling, this can open up the field for Le’veon Bell as he won’t have to worry about a stacked box. All of this results in miserable day for Browns fans.


Texans over the Jaguars

What gives the Texans a significant edge over the Jaguars is the matchup of their defense against Blake Bortles. The Texans D, lead by Watt and Clowney, are known for their ability to consistently pressure the Quarterback. I expect no different when this group goes up against the Jaguars offense. This will ultimalty lead to turnovers, which Bortles is prone to, and create short field opportunities for the Texans offense.


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