Rams News & Notes

It is that time of year when all NFL teams start laying the foundation of “what ifs”, trying to lead other teams down the path of guessing scenarios of what each other may be thinking or not thinking. Here come the smoke screens. Coach Fisher and Les Snead laid the ground work of food for thought yesterday. With picks #16 and #22 in the first round they have options, they can sit and pick, trade up or trade down and acquire more picks while still targeting their coveted players.

Fisher,”I’d draft just about any position in the first round except maybe a kicker or a punter. We don’t need those.”

Listen to the entire Jeff Fisher interview here

Snead, “What you try to do is figure out who’s really gonna be gone, who’s not. I haven’t totally figured out that personality yet. Now, at the positions that we want to help us, as I’ve looked at them, I’ve been jacked. OK, good. We’ve got some nice scenarios.”

Listen to the entire Les Snead interview here

Amendola and Jackson Watch:

Talks are ongoing with both players representatives, while nothing will get done this weekend, the urgency will pick up as the deadline of Free Agency (March 12 4:00 pm) creeps a little closer.

Combine Schedule

Day 2 is always interesting because the skill players make their appearance. Not that offensive linemen are not skilled players, it’s that running backs, receivers and quarterbacks have a little different skill set. Yes, I side stepped that. Below is the schedule for day 2 arrivals

Quarterbacks, Wide Receiver, Running Backs


February 21, 2013 Travel to Indianapolis – Registration – Hospital Pre-Exam & X-rays Orientation – Interviews (train station & 60 man)


February 22, 2013 Measurements – Medical Examinations – Media – Interviews (train station & 60 man)


February 23, 2013 NFLPA Meeting – Psychological Testing – Bench Press – Interviews (train station & 60 man)


February 24, 2013 On-Field Workout (timing, stations, skill drills) ~ Departure from Indianapolis

Combine Storylines

Tavon Austin WR – West Virginia

When asked about his size and durability for the NFL level of competition he responded, “It definitely shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t gotten hurt or missed a game in eight years. My durability’s pretty good”.

A former running back converted to receiver might be the overall dual threat in the 2013 draft (114 rec/1289 yards, 12 touchdowns; 72 rushing/643 yards 3 touchdowns). Austin has the ability to be a very effective return man at the next level because of his combination of quickness and exceptional speed. He scored a touchdown as a punt and kickoff return man in 2012. “I think it will help a lot. It’s one of my specialties. I really take pride in my punt returning and kick returning. A lot of teams are looking for a guy who can do multiple things on the football field. I think I’m that guy.”

He weighed in at 174 and said he should run a 4.29 or faster.

Montee Ball RB – Wisconsin

A Missouri native from Wentzville (small city west of St. Louis) went away to college and made a name for himself at the University of Wisconsin. An extremely talented runner, the more tape I watch the more I really like his size, vision, feet, pad level and speed to defy angles in space.

When he was asked who he modeled his game after he said, “I try to bend my game after Terrell Davis. He’s my idol. But I hear a lot and I’ve been watching a lot of tape … I feel like I run a lot like Curtis Martin. Nothing really stands out — like speed or strength, but we’re very balanced overall and very consistent.”

Matt Barkley QB – USC

The QB who was ranked #1 by a lot of my peers to start the season didn’t have a good year with his inconsistent play and injured his throwing shoulder and didn’t finish his senior season. Barkley stood tall in front of 250 plus media members and spoke very well. He was extremely confident as a person and in his ability to play the game. He said he was 100% in his rehab at this point and will through on his Pro Day March 27th , “I should be perfect to throw.” When he was asked about Te’o, a high school teammate, he responded, “I’ve known Manti since high school. We’re good buddies. We’ve stayed in touch all the way through school. We’re training together in Florida. He’s handled this whole situation, I think, better than anyone could’ve. I love him, and he’ll have a great career.”