The Rams are struggling to win games both on the road and at home. The reasons are plentiful. The Rams lack a great number of weapons, they haven’t forced a turnover in five games and they have taken awful penalties. But the bottom line is the need to keep it simple; take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses and exploit them.

It’s about attacking and destroying your opponent’s will to compete, going for the juggler, cutting off air supply and forcing them to panic, creating several mistakes, dominate your opponent with relentless pressure until the scoreboard reads 00:00.

In his post-game press conference, Coach Fisher congratulated the Jets on a game well played, he made these comments about his team, “Anytime you turn the ball over – I don’t care who you play in the National Football League – three times, you have a hard time if you don’t get the ball back yourself and to overcome those things and basically that was it”.

I agree with Coach Fisher, stop the turnovers on offense and start creating turnovers on defense. The Jets used the Rams standard game plan of running the ball on offense to grind the clock and wear down the Rams’ defense and playing opportunistic take away defense. When you do that you generally win the game. Currently through 11 weeks of play (not counting Monday Night Football 49ers vs. Bears) the Rams rank 25th (-6) in take-a-ways and give-a-ways for the season which will contribute to a losing season.

Starting fast, finishing slow

The Rams started out fast with an 86 yard drive. They established Steven Jackson, running the ball five times, and the Jets’ defense had no answer. They threw the ball when they needed to and came away with an opening drive touchdown.

After that the aggressive play calling stopped when it came to running the ball. When you’re playing against the 30th ranked defense in the NFL and you have arguably the most productive running back from the line of scrimmage since 2006 on your roster, feed him the rock until his tongue is hanging out of his head. Then you bring in your change of pace back in rookie Darryl Richardson to break off some big plays with his burst and acceleration off the edge.

Where was the pressure?

The Rams’ defense struggled to apply consistent pressure on Sanchez and allowed Jets’ receivers to run through zone sectors. They were inconsistent in run fit assignments and, for the fifth straight week, had no turnover production.

This Rams’ team is limited with blue players (playmakers and difference makers that can take a game over.) When you’re in position to hammer a team that has no answer to your difference maker the game of football really becomes simple, feed the beast!