Combine Storylines

Texas A&M OT Luke Joeckel , possibly the number one overall pick, walked 400 media members through his journey to the podium including a story of him playing with his twin brother, ” My junior year I was pancaking this guy. I’m pancaking him, and Matt (brother) bounces out of the pocket, and I pancake the guy right into Matt’s legs. I get up and instead of him yelling at me, I started yelling at him, saying, ‘You gave me a sack. You’ve got to be a better athlete than that.’ He never chewed me out for giving up sacks I chewed him out once for making me give up a sack. That’s kind of like how our relationship is.”

He weighed in at 306.


Eric Fisher, the other OT being mentioned as one of the best offensive linemen in the 2013 draf, a lot of scouts and front office executives like Fisher better then Joeckel.

When Fisher was asked his thoughts on where he stands among the other OT’s in the draft he replied, “My goal here is to prove to everybody that I am the No.1 tackle in the nation. It’s been my goal for a long time I knew I had to put ina lot of hard work to get there, but I think that’s my ultimate goal after this is all said and done.”

When watching tape he has a pretty good shot at it and the combine drills, lifts and explosive movement just might push him past the big man from Texas A&M. He weighed in at 306.

Quarterback Tyler Bray from Tennessee was surrounded by a ton of weapons outside the numbers in 2012. When he was asked about those playmakers he played pitch and catch with he responded with these comments, “When you get ‘CP’ Cordarlle Patterson the ball, he’s going to make guys miss, he’s going to score touchdowns. He’s improved his route running, too. That was a big question on his part, and he’s worked hard. I’ve spoken to him and Justin (Hunter) and Da’Rick (Rogers) who was suspended from the team and finished his career at Tennessee Tech in 2012, as well. They’ve been working hard, and they’re going to be good.”

When he was asked about Justin Hunters skill set Bray said, “He gets open, he can get real low. He gets off of the jammer, if the DB tries to jam him. He’s a great receiver.”

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Jim Schwartz, head coach for the Detroit Lions, gave his thoughts on the Rams new defensive coordinator Tim Walton’s strengths and weaknesses, “Well, it’s not up to me to decide if he’s ready to be a coordinator. Jeff (Fisher) hired him to be one, so I’m sure Jeff feels that way. Tim’s been a coordinator in college he was a coordinator at the University of Miami and also at Memphis. He’s a really smart guy and it was just a matter of time before he was a coordinator. As we went forward last year hiring Marcus Robertson as our assistant secondary coach, it sort of created a spot for him because I wanted to be prepared in case Tim got an opportunity like this. Even though Tim was under contract, it was important to us as a franchise and as a staff to allow guys to be promoted. I know some clubs don’t take that approach, but we’ve all been where advancement is important to our careers and to give him the opportunity to do that is something that he deserved. He’s a smart guy, he’ll be missed, but we’ve also already prepared for him going. In a couple of years he’s going to be standing up on this podium also. Tim’s a sharp guy, a charismatic guy, he’s been a little bit of an under the radar guy, but not for long.”

I spoke with Kevin Demoff, the Rams COO, about the status of Danny Amendola and Steven Jackson. As I paraphrase our conversation, the Rams still have time to get a deal done with Amendola and are talking to his representatives this weekend. For Steven Jackson the ball is in his court, he has options; he can exercise and opt out of the contract and see what’s out there in free agency, resign with the Rams or as I mentioned to Kevin, he could retire! Having worked with Demoff, he and his staff burn the midnight oil to get a deal done and these two high priority UFA’s will be treated no differently.