By College Football Analyst Josh Buchanan for

D2 TOP 300

Rank Pos Stock First Name Last Name School Round
1 OB Edmond Robinson Newberry 6th-7th
2 DE up Caushaud Lyons Tusculum 6th-7th
3 OH up Terrell Watson Azusa Pacific 7th-PFA
4 OB up Darius Allen CSU-Pueblo PFA
5 WO Donatella “Tello” Luckett Harding PFA
6 WO Vernon Johnson Texas A&M Commerce PFA
7 WO up Ricky Collins Texas A&M Commerce PFA
8 DC Al-Hajj “Hajj” Shabazz West Chester PFA
9 SS Harold Jones-Quartey Findlay (OH) PFA
10 WO Darius Davis Henderson State PFA
11 DE up Matt Longacre Northwest Missouri State PFA
12 WO up Tyrell Williams Western Oregon PFA
13 OG Cole Manhart Nebraska-Kearney PFA
14 IB Julian Howsare Clarion PFA
15 PK Tom Obarski Concordia St. Paul PFA/FA
16 OG Doniel Gambrell Jr. Notre Dame College PFA/FA
17 FS Keeston Terry Pittsburg State PFA/FA
18 TE down Khari Lee Bowie State PFA/FA
19 OB up Marke Powell Winston Salem State FA
20 OT Denzell Goode Mars Hill FA
21 WO up Austin Willis Emporia State FA
22 OB Markus Pierce-Brewster West Texas A&M FA
23 DE Alfy Hill Winston Salem State FA
24 DC Cariel Brooks Adams State FA
25 WO Trevor Harman Shippensburg FA
26 OG Christopher “Chris” Reed Minnesota State-Mankato FA
27 OT Cody Clay Azusa Pacific FA
28 FB Justin Shirk Bloomsburg FA
29 DC up Earnest “C.J.” Roberts CSU-Pueblo FA
30 OH Joseph “Joe” Bergeron Texas A&M Commerce FA
31 QB Chris Bonner CSU-Pueblo FA
32 OG Marcus Reed Fayetteville State FA
33 TE Lucas Hefty Upper Iowa FA
34 WO Marquez Clark Central Oklahoma FA
35 NT Charles Tuaau Texas A&M Commerce FA
36 WO Lemar Durant Simon Fraser FA
37 DC Qumain Black East Central FA
38 TE INJ Brock DeCicco Indiana (PA) FA
39 SS up Lyndell Johnson Emporia State FA
40 PK Taylor Pontius North Alabama FA
41 WO Anthony Johnson West Texas A&M FA
42 NT Marcus Cribbs Ferris State Tryout
43 WO Jeret Smith McMurry (TX) Tryout
44 WO up Gavin Lutman Pittsburg State Tryout
45 DT up Tory Slater West Georgia Tryout
46 DC up Travis Manning Northwest Missouri State Tryout
47 QB Kevin Rodgers Henderson State Tryout
48 DC De’Vante Bausby Pittsburg State Tryout
49 QB Jacob “Jake” Medlock Valdosta State Tryout
50 DC Will Brown Missouri S&T Tryout
51 QB Phillip “Phil” Sims Winston Salem State Tryout
52 DT Davon Walls Lincoln (MO) Tryout
53 OT up Vincent Brown Pittsburg State Tryout
54 OC Jack Abercrombie California (PA) Tryout
55 WO Paul Browning CSU-Pueblo Tryout
56 OG up Jesse Somsel Saginaw Valley State Tryout
57 DT Isiah Dunning Grand Valley State Tryout
58 WO up Marcus Beaurem Tiffin Tryout
59 OG Pete Trausch Nebraska-Kearney Tryout
60 OC up Shadow Stokes Midwestern State Tryout
61 WO down Venric Mark West Texas A&M Tryout
62 DT Ashton Dorsey Texas A&M Commerce Tryout
63 OB Brock Lutes Bemidji State Tryout
64 WO down Andrew “Drew” Carswell Indiana (PA) Tryout
65 DT Nigel Crawford-Kinny Saint Augustine’s (NC) Tryout
66 DE up Will Schwarz Saginaw Valley State Tryout
67 WO up Jeffrey “Jeff” Hill Bentley Tryout
68 OH up Desmond “Dez” Martin Wayne State (MI) Tryout
69 OB Leron Furr Fort Valley State Tryout
70 OB Isaiah Fleming Cheyney Tryout
71 IB down Ronell Williams West Chester Tryout
72 DE up Joshua “Josh” Bredl CSU-Pueblo Tryout
73 QB John “Frank” Rivers Albany State (GA) Tryout
74 OT Forrestal Hickman Missouri S&T Tryout
75 WO Xavier Milton Florida Tech Tryout
76 DE Nick Napolitano Wingate Tryout
77 QB Lance Orender New Mexico Highlands Tryout
78 DC Deontre’ Hurst Grand Valley State Tryout
79 FB Andrew Dillon Saginaw Valley State Tryout
80 WO Tyler Slavin New Mexico Highlands Tryout
81 SS Michael Johnson Fayetteville State Tryout
82 FS Ronald Fields Texas A&M Commerce Tryout
83 DE Alex Markarian Humboldt State Tryout
84 OB up Jason Taylor Catawba Tryout
85 OB up Tyrell Adams West Georgia Tryout
86 DT Conor O’Neal Winston Salem State Tryout
87 QB Cole Jaeschke Upper Iowa Tryout
88 DC up Michael “Mike” Lee Fort Valley State Tryout
89 QB Sean McCartney West Chester Tryout
90 TE Steven Jones East Stroudsburg Tryout
91 RS up Etauj Allen Ouachita Baptist Tryout
92 OT Casey Beck Upper Iowa Tryout
93 PT Patrick Carney New Mexico Highlands Tryout
94 OB Donald “D.J.” Gnader Northwest Missouri State Tryout
95 DC Brendon Felder Winston Salem State Tryout
96 DE Zachary “Zach” Williams Southern Connecticut State Tryout
97 SS up Andre Rawls Virginia State Tryout
98 OC Matthew Reese Tuskegee Tryout
99 DC Izauea Lanier West Alabama Tryout
100 FB Michael “Mike” Sellars Winston Salem State Tryout
101 FS Colin Kimball Mercyhurst Tryout
102 DT Casey Davenport Winston Salem State Tryout
103 QB Verlon Reed Findlay (OH) Tryout
104 WO Chad Toocheck West Alabama Tryout
105 FS Tyler Thornton Azusa Pacific Tryout
106 PT Andrew Cerett California (PA) Tryout
107 WO Cole McDaniel Wayne State (NE) Tryout
108 OC Isaiah Shelton Shepherd Tryout
109 OB Deshawn Dinwiddie Emporia State Tryout
110 OG Arthur Ray Jr. Fort Lewis Tryout
111 TE Cullen Rosine Central Missouri Tryout
112 OC Michael Boyefio Texas A&M Commerce Tryout
113 OH Eddie Mateo Bloomsburg Tryout
114 QB Kiehl Frazier Ouachita Baptist Tryout
115 WO Dimitri Holmes Mars Hill Tryout
116 DE Anthony Gonzales Tarleton State Tryout
117 DC Jeremy Crayton Southern Arkansas Tryout
118 DC Ed Brown Fort Hays State Tryout
119 QB Andrew “Drew” Jackson Seton Hill Tryout
120 WO Dorian Buford Minnesota State-Mankato Tryout
121 DC Jamaris “JB” Brown Walsh Tryout
122 NT Frank Boenzi Grand Valley State Tryout
123 OH Romorious “Romo” Westbrook Harding Tryout
124 OB Christopher “Chris” Harvey Ashland Tryout
125 OB Jared Koster New Mexico Highlands Tryout
126 OG Damein Willis Lane College Tryout
127 OT Jacob Vanderklok Ferris State Tryout
128 IB Tyler Zimmer Seton Hill Tryout
129 IB Matthew “Matt” Mosley Grand Valley State Tryout
130 DT Bernard Little Fort Valley State Tryout
131 SS Darious Lane Harding Tryout
132 QB Trevius Folston Shaw Tryout
133 OH LaVance Taylor Central Missouri Tryout
134 IB Michael Gruber Brevard Tryout
135 TE Tyler Hamilton Catawba Tryout
136 QB Keahn Wallace Johnson C. Smith Tryout
137 QB Rudolph “Rudy” Johnson Winston Salem State Tryout
138 DC up Domonique Johnson Oklahoma Panhandle State Tryout
139 WO Erick Brundidge West Chester Tryout
140 FB Devin Benton Southwestern Oklahoma State Tryout
141 OC Anthony Landry Angelo State Tryout
142 TE Wesley Powell Tusculum Tryout
143 DC Sharon Irwin Newberry Tryout
144 DE Nelson Wienke Michigan Tech Tryout
145 OH Anthony Taylor Ashland Tryout
146 FB Michael Wilson Central State (OH) Tryout
147 DT Kraig Akins Western Oregon Tryout
148 TE La’Velle Spivey Urbana (OH) Tryout
149 QB Tyrik “Ty” Rollison Texas A&M Commerce Tryout
150 WO Anthony Eboreime Black Hills State Tryout
151 OC Derek Schatz West Chester Tryout
152 OC Xavier Ruben Tarleton State Tryout
153 DC Prater-Oakley Oakley West Texas A&M Tryout
154 IB Rush Seaver Angelo State Tryout
155 OG Robby Ignagni Carson-Newman Tryout
156 OB Nores Fradi Wayne State (MI) Tryout
157 OB Spencer Lynn California (PA) Tryout
158 IB Chass Glaspie Central Oklahoma Tryout
159 RS Stephan Dickens CSU-Pueblo Tryout
160 IB Seth Bailey Eastern New Mexico Tryout
161 OG Lucus Love Tarleton State Tryout
162 TE Ray J. Brown Notre Dame College Tryout
163 DT Chris Brown Tarleton State Tryout
164 SS Zackary “Zack” Richardson Henderson State Tryout
165 DT Bryan Thomson East Stroudsburg Tryout
166 FS Nathan Hancock Minnesota State-Mankato Tryout
167 WO Byron Dickerson Newberry Tryout
168 FS Jarrod Lacy CSU-Pueblo Tryout
169 OC Aaron Sprinkle Ouachita Baptist Tryout
170 SS DeMarco Donaldson Malone (OH) Tryout
171 DT Carlif Taylor Southern Connecticut State Tryout
172 SS Lance Richardson Newberry Tryout
173 IB Bre’nard Williams Clark Atlanta Tryout
174 WO DaJuan Beard Washburn Tryout
175 WO Akeem Jordan Lincoln (PA) Tryout
176 DT Justin Waltzer Saint Anselm Tryout
177 IB Justin Avery Charleston (WV) Tryout
178 SS Jeremiah Maluia Humboldt State Tryout
179 OG Vance Ross Winona State Tryout
180 RS Nate Robitaille Stonehill Tryout
181 RS L.J. Stroman UNC Pembroke Tryout
182 OB Eric Reimer Northwest Missouri State Tryout
183 WO Seth Smith Texas A&M Commerce Tryout
184 QB Anthony Abenoja Pittsburg State Tryout
185 WO Clifton Rhodes III Tarleton State Tryout
186 RS Mike Early Arkansas-Monticello Tryout
187 WO Jeremy Watson West Texas A&M Tryout
188 IB Javontay Williams Johnson C. Smith Tryout
189 DC Gerren DuHart Wayne State (MI) Tryout
190 SS Shai Kobayashi Arkansas Tech Tryout
191 OB Derrick Mann Assumption Tryout
192 DC Travis Lee Miles College Tryout
193 OT Zach Jones American International Tryout
194 WO Justin Bernard Saint Anselm Tryout
195 OB Tanner Wells Lake Erie Tryout
196 FB Marcus Wright Northwest Missouri State Tryout
197 WO Lloyd Henry Findlay (OH) Tryout
198 FB Jacquise Lockett Kentucky State Tryout
199 DE Daniel Holland East Central Tryout
200 OT Logan Hauserman Saginaw Valley State Tryout
201 DE David Kafovalu Azusa Pacific Tryout
202 OT Keith Jones North Alabama Tryout
203 TE Gary Farley American International Tryout
204 OB Grant Singer University of Mary (ND) Tryout
205 SS Charles Moore Tarleton State Tryout
206 WO Chris Omigie Angelo State Tryout
207 WO Stephen “Steve” Yarbrough Mercyhurst Tryout
208 PK John Schmiemeier Missouri Western State Tryout
209 WO Stephan “Steph” Davis American International Tryout
210 OB Blake Baker Lenoir-Rhyne Tryout
211 PK Connor Frazell Pittsburg State Tryout
212 IB Mike Labor West Chester Tryout
213 OC Corbin Jackimowicz Lake Erie Tryout
214 DT Barry Ballinger Minnesota State-Mankato Tryout
215 FS Tim Moinet Hillsdale Tryout
216 OG Garrison Ushery West Georgia Tryout
217 OC Taylor Fender Catawba Tryout
218 OT Kelson Patterson Gannon Tryout
219 OB Gary Henderson Glenville State Tryout
220 OG Drew Wilkins Morehouse Tryout
221 OH Seth Hinsley West Georgia Tryout
222 PT Scott Groner Missouri Western State Tryout
223 OB Christopher “Chris” Randolph Johnson C. Smith Tryout
224 OH Vershon Moore Washburn Tryout
225 FS Micheal Jordan Fort Hays State Tryout
226 OH Jarrod Spears Lenoir-Rhyne Tryout
227 FS Lane Haller Chadron State Tryout
228 DT Arthur Tsapdong Seton Hill Tryout
229 PT Kyle Jaski Missouri Southern State Tryout
230 DE Matt Bowman Nebraska-Kearney Tryout
231 OH Chris Smith Upper Iowa Tryout
232 OB Cody Simcox East Stroudsburg Tryout
233 TE Brandon Ellington Wingate Tryout
234 OT Jesse Yancey Valdosta State Tryout
235 DT Taylor Russell Stonehill Tryout
236 WO Elby Pope University of Mary (ND) Tryout
237 TE R.J. Miller Mercyhurst Tryout
238 PT Mike Wenk Southwest Minnesota State Tryout
239 PT Jordan Blair East Stroudsburg Tryout
240 FB E’lon Spight Eastern New Mexico Tryout
241 OH Blair Brooks Shippensburg Tryout
242 DE David Sumter C.W. Post Tryout
243 OB Tanner Botts Lenoir-Rhyne Tryout
244 IB Jaquawne Simpkins American International Tryout
245 IB Cody Bloom Ashland Tryout
246 WO Michael Johnson Wayne State (MI) Tryout
247 OG Andrew Muer Minnesota Duluth Tryout
248 OC Josh Meeker Minnesota State-Mankato Tryout
249 PK Cody Nuzzo California (PA) Tryout
250 SS Nathan Lindsey Fort Hays State Tryout
251 OT Max Hofmeister Minnesota State-Mankato Tryout
252 OG Mike Lorenzo Chadron State Tryout
253 PT Daniel Backx American International Tryout
254 WO Ed Williams Fort Hays State Tryout
255 TE Paul Walker-Hall Southern Arkansas Tryout
256 OG Alex Davis Gannon Tryout
257 OT C.J. Keeney Northwest Missouri State Tryout
258 OG Chris Barfield Fairmont State Tryout
259 SS Levi Barber Shepherd Tryout
260 SS Marco Ricchetti West Liberty Tryout
261 OH Tyler Tonderum Southwest Minnesota State Tryout
262 OG Ben Gysin Mercyhurst Tryout
263 TE Micheal Allen East Central Tryout
264 NT Jared Washington West Alabama Tryout
265 FS Zack Mitchell Ouachita Baptist Tryout
266 TE Jermaine Clemon Concordia St. Paul Tryout
267 WO Jared Jacobson Northern State (SD) Tryout
268 PT Chris Picano Grand Valley State Tryout
269 QB Kyle Caldwell West Alabama Tryout
270 FS Kevin Reaves Eastern New Mexico Tryout
271 WO Dustin Holland Henderson State Tryout
272 DE Troy Guptill University of Mary (ND) Tryout
273 DC Jerrell McFadden Indiana (PA) Tryout
274 OB Rory Island Delta State Tryout
275 NT Saula Taufa Dixie State Tryout
276 OG Nick Allison Mars Hill Tryout
277 OC Quincy Awa-Dubose West Georgia Tryout
278 PK Matt Bruder Humboldt State Tryout
279 PT Kyle Goodburn Northwest Missouri State Tryout
280 DE INJ Jeff Van Den Top Wayne State (NE) Tryout
281 WO Zikerious Ware Southern Arkansas Tryout
282 FB Jordan Ollis Brevard Tryout
283 OT Phillip Rutz Minnesota Duluth Tryout
284 RS Terrell Roberson California (PA) Tryout
285 PK Justin Powell Lenoir-Rhyne Tryout
286 NT Drake Harris New Haven Tryout
287 TE Mark Strange Midwestern State Tryout
288 OG Michael Gibbs Delta State Tryout
289 OB Luke Rankie Gannon Tryout
290 WO Ricky Hunt Delta State Tryout
291 QB Heath Parling Grand Valley State Tryout
292 IB Cameron Trudell Walsh Tryout
293 PT Jared Heim Southeastern Oklahoma State Tryout
294 DC Mike Carey Concord (WV) Tryout
295 OH Charlie Leffingwell Michigan Tech Tryout
296 PK Scott Miller Indianapolis Tryout
297 TE Luke Whalen Black Hills State Tryout
298 FS Philip George Catawba Tryout
299 LS Matthew Humphries West Alabama Tryout
300 RS Anthony Yancy Angelo State Tryout



D3 TOP 50

Rank Pos Stock First Name Last Name School Round
1 OG Alexander “Ali” Marpet Hobart 3rd-4th
2 WO Jake Kumerow Wisconsin Whitewater PFA
3 WO up Tyler Rutenbeck Dubuque (IA) FA
4 WO Rasheed Bailey Delaware Valley FA
5 PK Andrew Franks Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute FA
6 WO Taylor Belsterling Huntingdon College Tryout
7 IB Tyre Coleman Hobart Tryout
8 WO Donteea Dye Heidelberg Tryout
9 DC Thurgood Dennis Wisconsin-Eau Claire Tryout
10 QB Matthew “Matt” Behrendt Wisconsin Whitewater Tryout
11 QB Nash Nance Hampden-Sydney Tryout
12 OH Domonique Hayden Thomas More (KY) Tryout
13 FS Darren Myles Dubuque (IA) Tryout
14 OB Aamir Petrose Wesley (DE) Tryout
15 QB Mark Myers John Carroll Tryout
16 WO Abiola Aborishade Massachusetts-Dartmouth Tryout
17 OH Cartel Brooks Heidelberg Tryout
18 WO Mike Doherty Buffalo State College Tryout
19 TE Eric Nelson Mary Hardin-Baylor Tryout
20 IB Sosthene Kapepula Wesley (DE) Tryout
21 SS C.J. Conway Montclair State Tryout
22 QB Aaron Wilmer Delaware Valley Tryout
23 WO John Babin SUNY Cortland Tryout
24 QB Jesse Warren Wesleyan (CT) Tryout
25 WO Samuel “Sam” Stekol Occidental Tryout
26 WO Steve Koudossou Wesley (DE) Tryout
27 WO Rudy Rudolph Christopher Newport (VA) Tryout
28 DC Victor Banjo Wittenberg (OH) Tryout
29 WO Aramis Greenwood John Carroll Tryout
30 QB Lemar Johnson Morrisville State College Tryout
31 WO Anthony “Ant” Davis Widener Tryout
32 WO Kevin Burke Mount Union Tryout
33 WO Holton Walker Hampden-Sydney Tryout
34 PT Kyle Hamby Salisbury (MD) Tryout
35 SS Satiir Stevenson Guilford (NC) Tryout
36 WO Peter Sorenson North Central (IL) Tryout
37 DC Brady Grayvold Wisconsin Whitewater Tryout
38 PT Matt Kussmann Illinois Wesleyan Tryout
39 RS Ira Jewitt Louisiana College Tryout
40 TE Derric Junakin Wisconsin Whitewater Tryout
41 WO Stephen Alfred East Texas Baptist Tryout
42 WO Matthew “Matt” Green Bridgewater State (MA) Tryout
43 RS Justin Howard Wisconsin Whitewater Tryout
44 PK Nate Ray Jr. Wisconsin Oshkosh Tryout
45 OC Brandon Porche Louisiana College Tryout
46 TE Casey Hippert Worcester State (MA) Tryout
47 DT Ryan Armstrong Olivet (MI) Tryout
48 DE Chris Alvarez Rowan Tryout
49 OB Zach Brownell Huntingdon College Tryout
50 OB Trevor Phillips Whittier (CA) Tryout




Rank Pos Stock First Name Last Name School Round
1 OH down Brandon Wegher Morningside College (IA) PFA
2 QB Austin Dodge Southern Oregon FA
3 DC Steven Godbolt Webber International (FL) FA
4 DE up Nick Seither Georgetown (KY) Tryout
5 FB up Luke Lundy Ottawa (KS) Tryout
6 OB up Takari Johnson Concordia (MI) Tryout
7 WO Larry Pinkard Bluefield College (VA) Tryout
8 RS up Stoney Burns Bethel (TN) Tryout
9 SS Marte Sears Faulkner (AL) Tryout
10 WO Jaquel Pitts Trinity International Tryout
11 WO Victor Dean Southern Oregon Tryout
12 DE Tyredius “Ty” Phillips Missouri Valley Tryout
13 OH Tevin Lake Marian (IN) Tryout
14 RS Antonio Bray Sterling (KS) Tryout
15 IB Sean Blomquist Carroll (MT) Tryout
16 WO David Chapman Bacone (OK) Tryout
17 OB Deron Bruce Ottawa (KS) Tryout
18 WO Chris Allen Friends (KS) Tryout
19 WO Greg Livingston McMurry (TX) Tryout
20 IB Mitchell Hoskins Faulkner (AL) Tryout
21 SS Chace Green Langston (OK) Tryout
22 OH Aaron Spikes Belhaven (MS) Tryout
23 DC Carlos Cox Friends (KS) Tryout
24 OB Phil Latimer Nebraska Wesleyan Tryout
25 IB Keshaun Malone Bacone (OK) Tryout
26 OB Greg Hegstad Northwestern (IA) Tryout
27 WO Raysean Brown Graceland (KS) Tryout
28 OG Tanner Paxton Hastings (NE) Tryout
29 OG Arthur Doakes Belhaven (MS) Tryout
30 QB Terrell Robinson Faulkner (AL) Tryout
31 DT Kyle Connors Siena Heights Tryout
32 OB Greg Hayward Saint Xavier (IL) Tryout
33 WO Trevon Chatman Campbellsville (KY) Tryout
34 WO Brady Roland Grand View (IA) Tryout
35 QB Neal Pawsat Georgetown (KY) Tryout