Cattleya Media LLC would like to welcome Braden Abshire as a weekly contributor to  He brings an excellent sports and business background, with a heavy interest in football at all levels.  Braden earned his degree in Finance/Marketing from The University of Texas (Austin).

He is the founder of NFL Data Consultants in November 2012 ( a football analytics business primarily focused on NFL Personnel for intelligent data-driven decisions.  He will soon focus on College Football as well.

  • Created proprietary metrics, methodology, and systems to help evaluate personnel upside, especially the collegiate to pro level transition, through the use of predictive and comparative analytics.
  • Developed the NDC Win Rating system similar to QB Rating and QBR that projects wins at 88.2% versus 85% QBR and 80% QB Rating
  • Evaluated analytics systems being used by multiple NFL organizations today


  • Analyzed player market value including total signing bonuses and per year basis, average salary per year, base salary, and incentives for agents for the purposes of contract negotiations.
  • Provided comparative analysis to others at position, including statistics, pro bowls, games played and started, and unique characteristics for agents
  • Assessed true cap space available in team salary cap (up to 3 years) and rookie salary cap in order to demonstrate true space available for new contracts and contract extensions for agents
  • Created template for agents to enter the basic parts of the contract in contract negotiations to provide cap hit and average salary per year for a contract ranging from a 2-year to a 7-year deal


  • Film evaluation and scouting analysis for Player profiles – bios, college & pro football background, contact info, physical measurements etc


Braden Abshire’s Football Analytics


The Abshire Athletic Score is a 0 to 100 score on athleticism. 18 Tight Ends have an Abshire Athletic
Score (AAS) of greater than 90. Of the 18, 14 have started games in the NFL, regardless of being drafted or not. The other 3 were on rosters, but did not start any games. The Abshire Athletic Score identified 1 of the 18 to be an undrafted rookie in 2015. Who was he?

WR Chris Conley of the Kansas City Chiefs was given credit for the highest Sparq score in the draft class for WRs with an approximate 141.8 value. The Abshire Athletic Score for Conley was 78.1 out of 100, ranking him 16th in the draft class among those with data available for calculation. How can the Abshire Athletic Score find inconsistencies in athleticism?

The team with the higher NFL QB Rating wins the game about 80% of the time. The team with the higher ESPN QBR wins the game about 85% of the time. With testing of over 3,200 NFL games, the team with the higher NDC Win Rating wins 88.2%. While ESPN’s QBR Rating was developed by an analytical team over years, the NDC Win Rating was developed by an individual, Braden Abshire, over a couple of months. What in-game strategies affect wins that are not accounted for in traditional rating systems?

After early failed predictions for interior lineman, the developed Abshire Athletic Score was an answer. Among OTs, those with above 90 have scored very high in PFF grades. Which OT in this draft class scored over 90 on the Abshire Athletic Score? Which late round OL with a 90+ Abshire Athletic Score from 2014 may become a starter in 2015?

13 Drafted Linebackers and Safeties passed Braden Abshire analytical filters for potential NFLsuccess. Of the 13 players, 3 NFL teams drafted multiple players from this list. Which NFL organizations were they?

2 NFL teams drafted multiple Linebackers that played the same position with one player on the list and one player off the list. In both cases, the one on the list was drafted later than the one off the list. Which two drafted players are not on the NFL Data Consultants list and are at risk of being surpassed by Linebackers on the list?

In 2010, the highest graded undrafted LB was Vincent Rey. In 2011, the highest undrafted LB was Michael Wilhoite, and in 2013 the highest drafted LB was Paul Worrilow. 2014 and 2015 didn’t have undrafted players at this level, but scored well enough to be drafted. Which undrafted LB for 2015 scored the highest by Braden Abshire and NFL Data Consultants?


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