My time spent in the front office of two NFL franchises gave me the knowledge and insight on how to build a team. The free agency period begins first and the draft follows a few months later. Organizations have different philosophies, viewpoints or values when going about their business during the offseason, the common denominator among all 32 teams is they all develop a needs list, which is the starting point for developing a game plan that doesn’t involve X’s & O’s and is geared strictly towards personnel.


Baltimore – Inside Linebacker: with the Ray Lewis retirement party in full swing, the Ravens will need to find his replacement and build depth at the position despite Dannell Ellerbe’s outstanding progress; WR, DB, DE, CB

Buffalo – Quarterback: the Bills have been snake bit for several years and the lack of production at the quarterback position will continue until they find a franchise quarterback through free agency or the draft; DB, WR, DE,

Cincinnati – Running Back: the missing link to a rather young and talented offense led by quarterback Andy Dalton, receiver AJ Green and a well-balanced explosive offensive line. When healthy, Green-Ellis has flashed good positional attributes with the exception of ball security which is spotty; WR, DE, ILB, DB, OC, CB

Cleveland – Quarterback: newly hired Vice President of Player Personnel Mike Lombardi is currently evaluating the Browns roster and the main focus will be the quarterback position. Cutting ties with the last regimes mistakes is critical; WR, OLB, CB, DE, TE

Denver – Defensive Tackle: the John Fox defense run by coordinator Jack Del Rio is in need of youth with girth on the defensive line; RB, ILB, DB, CB, OT, OG

Houston – Wide receiver: It was very obvious in post season play for the Texans that they need another receiver to complement Andre Johnson giving Matt Schaub another weapon to throw to outside the numbers and down the field; NT, ILB, DB, OT, OG, OLB

Indianapolis – Offensive Tackle: quarterback Andrew Luck showed great toughness and resilience playing behind a subpar offensive line who lacked the ability to protect him on a consistent basis in the games I viewed (7); OG, NT, CB, OLB, DE, WR, DB

Jacksonville – Quarterback: the firing of GM Gene Smith seals the fate of quarterback Blaine Gabbert. New GM David Caldwell’s focus is on the quarterback position and when he was asked about Tim Tebow he said, “I can’t envision Tim Tebow on the Jaguar roster.” The current bridge quarterback on the roster is Chad Henne; DE, OLB, OT, CB, OG, WR

Kansas City – Quarterback: Brady Quinn is a free agent and Matt Cassel lacks confidence, neither of these signal callers are the future. The real question, will Andy Reid use free agency to fill this hot spot, like acquiring Alex Smith, or reach and pick a quarterback with the first overall pick in the upcoming draft; WR, OT, ILB, DE, CB, RB

Miami – Offensive Tackle: If the Dolphins choose not to sign Jake Long to a long term deal or slap the franchise tag on him, look for the left tackle position to become their priority heading in to free agency period and atop of their needs list going into the draft; WR,RB ,DT,CB, TE, DE

New England – Wide Receiver: Tom Brady was limited on weapons outside the numbers after tight end Rob Gronkowski was lost in the play offs with a broken arm, his offensive fire power was limited and took away the Patriots ability to attack the seams. Both Wes Welker (who is getting long in the tooth) and Julian Edelman are both free agents as is a long list of starters at other positions; CB, DT, OT, DE, DB, ILB, OLB

NYJ – Quarterback: the Jets won’t admit it but they need a quarterback, Mark Sanchez is not the future of the Jets as a franchise quarterback; DB, OLB, RB, OT, WR

Oakland – Defensive Tackle: when GM Reggie McKenzie took the job last year his hands were tied in the draft, this year look for the Raiders to be very aggressive in free agency and the draft. They need to build a championship foundation and in a hurry; OLB, CB, QB, DE, OT

Pittsburgh – Outside Linebacker: The Steel Curtain was inconsistent on applying pressure on the pocket of opposing quarterbacks and finished in the middle of the league in sack production. They also have gotten away with not grooming a signal caller because of Big Ben’s production and iron man toughness to play hurt, but headed down the stretch last season it was evident they need to start the process of developing a backup quarterback in case Roethlisberger misses several games; TE,WR, RB, DB, DE, OT,CB, QB

San Diego – Offensive Tackle: GM Tom Telesco and Head Coach Mike McCoy’s top priority is to protect their franchise quarter Phillip Rivers and get the offense on track while building a rock solid defense; OG, CB, ILB, OLB, WR, QB, RB

Tennessee – Offensive Guard: while it is not popular to pick a guard in the first round, I’m not suggesting they do that, but building the interior offensive line is a priority; DB, OC, CB, DE, RB

Key: QB = Quarterback, RB = Running Back, FB = Fullback, TE = Tight End, WR = Wide Receiver, OC = Center, OG = Guard, OT = Offensive Tackle, CB = Corner Back, DB = Safeties, OLB = Outside Linebacker, ILB = Inside Linebacker, MLB = Middle Linebacker, DT = Defensive Tackle, DE = Defensive End, PT = Punter, PK = Place Kicker, SNP = Snapper, RS = Return Specialist, ATH = Athlete