By Wayne B. Jones for

A quarter of the NFL season is in the books and once again a handful of teams are looking for a starting quarterback. The most important position in team sports is by far the most difficult to fill. Each year it is a challenge for NFL personnel departments to evaluate and project the latest crop of collegiate quarterback prospects entering the draft. The average fan thinks that scouting the quarterback position is easy. But in reality it is very difficult. NFL evaluators will be looking for big strong arm prospects; that are able to put the ball into small windows on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, this year’s group is below average.

Beathard, CJ    Iowa     6027      218

Dobbs, Joshua    Tennessee     6027      210

Gustafson, Brady    Montana     6053      242

Kelly, Chad    Mississippi     6020      224

Kiel, Gunner    Cincinnati     6031      223

Leidner, Mitch    Minnesota     6032      231

Lunt, Wes    Illinois     6044      223

Mayfield, Baker    Oklahoma     6002      201

Peterman, Nathan    Pittsburgh     6022      222

Prukop, Dakota    Oregon     6016      201

Rush, Cooper    Central Michigan     6024      229

Russell, Seth    Baylor     6030      210

Terrell, Zach    Western Michigan     6010      205

Webb, Davis    California     6050      230