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With week 4 of the NFL here, it is time for certain teams to consider moves that will put them in better positions to be successful. Teams make changes by promoting and demoting players on their own roster or by acquiring players via trade or free agency. Here are some moves that will help teams in the short term and long term.



Bears starting Mitch Trubisky

After Thursday’s game, I think Mike Glennon proved to most viewers that he is not a capable NFL quarterback. So far this season, he has averaged 208 passing yards and has 4 touchdowns to 5 interceptions on the year. With the Bears sitting at 1-3 and Mike Glennon continuing to struggle, it is only right to go with Mitch Trubisky. Taking him at second overall clearly indicates that the Bears view him as the long term Quarterback. It only seems right to start him considering where they took him and what they gave up to get him.


The Bengals making Joe Mixon the main focal point of the offence

With the Bengals sitting at 0-3, it is time for them to have Joe Mixon become the lead back on the Bengals. He proved last week against Green bay that with a good amount of touches he can be productive. He totaled 101 total yards last week against Green Bay’s defense. With Jeremy Hill continuing to struggle and Gio Bernard being nothing more than a change of pace/third down back, it is time to role with the Oklahoma product as he is worthy of the workload.


The Seahawks going after either Joe Thomas or Joe Staley

The Seahawks continue to struggle on the offensive line and it is time for them to reach out to other teams. Tackles Joe Thomas and Joe Staley are top players in their position and currently play on non-playoff teams. The addition of one of them could make life easier for Russell Wilson as the Seahawks are tied for second in the NFL with 26 quarterback hits.


The Colts putting Andrew Luck on injured reserve


Yes the Colts want to be competitive for their fan base, and yes Chuck Pagano’s job is hanging in the balance, but what about the future of this team? Andrew Luck continues to be out with a shoulder injury that he had surgery on this offseason. What is the incentive to bring him in to an offensive line that continues to struggle in pass protection (tied for third in quarterback sacks and tied for 5th in quarterback hits) and a defense that ranks 29th in the NFL in yards allowed per game? This team still has ways to go in my opinion. Putting Luck on IR can ensure this team of a top 5 pick and potentially take instant impact player such as Saquan Barkley. The Colts could also have the option of trading the pick to another team in need for a QB for a plethora of picks. Performing this move can potentially move this team in the right direction.




The Saints giving Alvin Kamara more of a role on the Saints offence


It is a crime for the Saints to continue to limit Kamara’s role on this Saints offence. Both Peterson and Ingram are limited as runners. Peterson is only averaging 3.3 yards per carry this season and Ingram does not pose much of a threat on passing downs. Yes Ingram is playing well so far but he cannot be trusted due to his history of injuries. Kamara is a versatile player that the Saints need to start playing. He has shown in flashes that he is capable of running in between the tackles and being a reliable, explosive target on passing downs.


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