By Wayne B. Jones for

NFL decision makers spend a great deal of time looking for franchise quarterbacks, but spend little time and investment in acquiring offensive lineman to protect them. Go figure. A stout offensive line is the most important part of an offenses success. If you can’t run block or pass block effectively your offense is going to struggle (i.e. Minnesota Vikings). When evaluating an offensive line prospect for a NFL team the main focus is footwork. A prospect has to have quick feet, fluidity in the hips, and balance through contact. Natural knee bend and good hand placement are also essentials skills needed to be successful. A bonus should be paid to any scout who can identify above average to elite offensive linemen in the Draft. Their value to an organization is priceless.




Bond, Deyshawn  Cincinnati   6011   292

Crowley, Lucas  North Carolina   6024   290

Elflein, Pat  Ohio State   6023   299

Fuller, Kyle  Baylor   6042   311

Guillermo, Jay  Clemson   6020   310

Kublanow, Brandon  Georgia   6017   301

Orlosky, Tyler  West Virginia   6027   293

Pocic, Ethan  Louisiana State   6057   316

Tom, Cameron  Southern Miss   6035   291

Toth, Jon  Kentucky   6047   306



Are, Kareem  Florida State   6053   333

Asiata, Isaac  Utah   6027   332

Caspers, Johnny  Stanford   6026   291

Feeney, Dan  Indiana,   6040   304

Isidora, Danny  Miami   6036   313

Johnson, Dorian  Pittsburgh   6046   311

Kalis, Kyle  Michigan   6040   303

Peterson, Caleb  North Carolina   6044   295

Pyke, Greg  Georgia   6051   319

Roullier, Chase  Wyoming   6034   309



Banner, Zach  Southern Cal   6083   373

Bisnowaty, Adam  Pittsburgh   6051   309

Davenport, Julie’n  Bucknell   6056   301

Dawkins, Dion  Temple   6044   322

Dielman, JJ  Utah   6047   300

Gennesy, Avery  Texas A&M   6046   308

Heck, Jon  North Carolina   6060   315

McDermott, Conor  UCLA   6076   306

Skipper, Dan  Arkansas   6094   326

Wheeler, Chad  Southern Cal   6066   316