Wait and See Teams – might be over hyped but they have Talent on their rosters


Buffalo Bills – QB Tyrod Taylor – Dual Threat QB, A/A, Arm strength, mobility to make plays beyond LOS. Can he sustain for 16 weeks? Does he have the leadership in locker-room?


Defense!!! Keeps them in the mix within the Division.

Philadelphia Eagles – Sam Bradford is back, is he 100%?  I like Chip Kelly’s ability to wear teams out!! 82 snaps a game, something to say about ball control.  Defense must win the turnover and take-away  battle.


The Eagles run game with Demarco Murray is critical to the 2015 success, play action fake takes pressure off pocket.

Minnesota Vikings – Teddy Bridgewater entering into year number two looked good in preseason, accuracy and mobility.   Coach Zimmer’s defense is starting to percolate!


Adrian “All Day” Peterson HES…..BACK! Interesting team to watch.



Teams out of control – for several reasons


Carolina Panthers – Injuries have derailed this team.  Is Cam Newton and limited talent around him enough to lead them to a Division Championship or post season?


Panther Defense will continue to wreak havoc in 2015!  Post season is a large question mark.

Dallas Cowboys – Best offensive line in football? Tony Romo?


This team will miss Demarco Murray. Post season will be tough to achieve.

Washington Redskins – Curt Cousins how does he handle pressure of being the man, adversity after interceptions, losses, fans booing him etc.


Dan Snyder trumping Washington Brass on RG3 staying on roster

Divides Locker room

Creates a unstable fan base



NFC Play-Off Picture


Wild Card Teams

Panthers, Cardinals, Eagles, Vikings



Seahawks, Eagles, Packers, Vikings


NFC Championship Game

Seahawks vs. Packers




AFC Play-Off Picture


Wild Card Teams

Steelers, Dolphins, Ravens, Broncos



Patriots, Broncos, Colts, Ravens


AFC Championship Game

Colts vs. Patriots


Super Bowl 50

Packers vs. Colts




Green Bay Packers: Super Bowl Champions