With the NFL’s 2015 off season extravaganza in the books, the league is now concentrating on the the start of the season.   While some of the times may change, the structure of the NFL Pre-Season is listed below.   All of the Clubs will hold a Rookie Mini-Camp within the next two weekends, acclimating the youngsters to the NFL.



Sunday, August 9 (NFL/Hall of Fame Game) with Pittsburgh Steelers against the Minnesota Vikings at 8:00pm EST on NBC


WEEK 1 – AUGUST 13-17

Thursday, August 13


New Orleans at Baltimore                                                                               7:30p (ET)           7:30p

New York Jets at Detroit                                                                                 7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Green Bay at New England                                                                            7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Washington at Cleveland                                                                                8:00p (ET)           8:00p

Miami at Chicago                                                                                            7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Dallas at San Diego                                                                                         7:00p (PT)          10:00p


Friday, August 14


Tennessee at Atlanta                                                                                       7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Carolina at Buffalo                                                                                          7:00p (ET)           7:00p

New York Giants at Cincinnati                                                                        7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Pittsburgh at Jacksonville                                                                               7:30p (ET)           7:30p

St. Louis at Oakland                                                                                        7:00p (PT)          10:00p

Denver at Seattle                                                                                            7:00p (PT)          10:00p


Saturday, August 15


Tampa Bay at Minnesota                                                                                7:00p (CT)           8:00p

San Francisco at Houston                                                                              7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Kansas City at Arizona                                                                                  6:00p (MST)         9:00p


Sunday, August 16


Indianapolis at Philadelphia                                                                             1:00p (ET)           1:00p


WEEK 2  AUGUST 20-24  


Thursday, August 20


Detroit at Washington                                                                                      7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Buffalo at Cleveland                                                       ESPN                      8:00p (ET)           8:00p


Friday, August 21


Atlanta at New York Jets                                                                                7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Seattle at Kansas City                                                                                     7:00p (CT)           8:00p


Saturday, August 22


Miami at Carolina                                                                                            7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Baltimore at Philadelphia                                                                                 7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Chicago at Indianapolis                                                                                   7:30p (ET)           7:30p

New England at New Orleans                                                                        6:30p (CT)           7:30p

Jacksonville at New York Giants                                                                    7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Denver at Houston                                                                                          7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Oakland at Minnesota                                                                                     7:00p (CT)           8:00p

San Diego at Arizona                                                                                     7:00p (MST)        10:00p


Sunday, August 23


Green Bay at Pittsburgh                                                                                  8:00p (ET)           8:00p

Dallas at San Francisco                                                                                   5:00p (PT)           8:00p

St. Louis at Tennessee                                                     FOX                       7:00p (CT)           8:00p


Monday, August 24


Cincinnati at Tampa Bay                                                ESPN                      8:00p (ET)           8:00p


WEEK 3 – AUGUST 27-31


Friday, August 28


New England at Carolina                                                                                7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Detroit at Jacksonville                                                      CBS                        8:00p (ET)           8:00p

Tennessee at Kansas City                                                                              7:00p (CT)           8:00p


Saturday, August 29


Pittsburgh at Buffalo                                                                                        4:00p (ET)           4:00p

Minnesota at Dallas                                                                                         6:00p (CT)           7:00p

Atlanta at Miami                                                                                              7:00p (ET)           7:00p

New York Jets at New York Giants                                                                7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Cleveland at Tampa Bay                                                                                7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Washington at Baltimore                                                                                 7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Chicago at Cincinnati                                                                                      7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Philadelphia at Green Bay                                                                              7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Indianapolis at St. Louis                                                                                  7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Seattle at San Diego                                                        CBS                        5:00p (PT)           8:00p

San Francisco at Denver                                                                                7:00p (MT)           9:00p


Sunday, August 30


Houston at New Orleans                                                  FOX                       3:00p (CT)           4:00p

Arizona at Oakland                                                          NBC                        5:00p (PT)           8:00p




Thursday, September 3


Baltimore at Atlanta                                                                                         7:00p (ET)           7:00p

New Orleans at Green Bay                                                                            6:00p (CT)           7:00p

Cincinnati at Indianapolis                                                                                 7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Tampa Bay at Miami                                                                                       7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Philadelphia at New York Jets                                                                        7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Buffalo at Detroit                                                                                             7:30p (ET)           7:30p

New York Giants at New England                                                                  7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Carolina at Pittsburgh                                                                                      7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Jacksonville at Washington                                                                             7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Cleveland at Chicago                                                                                      7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Houston at Dallas                                                                                            7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Kansas City at St. Louis                                                                                  7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Minnesota at Tennessee                                                                                 7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Arizona at Denver                                                                                           7:00p (MT)           9:00p

San Diego at San Francisco                                                                           7:00p (PT)          10:00p

Oakland at Seattle                                                                                           7:00p (PT)          10:00p