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Here is look at those who impressed and disappointed during workouts. Some of those who hurt themselves below you can’t blame on them for injury but injury concerns are part of where teams value a player on draft day.


QB Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois

There was already buzz he would go in the second or third round before the combine but after wowing during interviews and on the board, along with his solid workout, he has likely cemented himself as a second round pick.  He measured in at 6’2 ¼, 226 pounds with a 4.97 40-yard dash, 30 ½ inch vertical, 9’2 broad jump, 4.26 short shuttle, and 7.04 3-cone.

RB Jerick McKinnon, Georgia Southern

It is no question who the star of this year’s combine was as McKinnon stole the show from all participants.  At 5’8 7/8, 2009 pounds he led all running backs with 32 reps, ran a 4.41 40-yard dash, had a 40 ½ inch vertical, 11’0 broad jump, 4.12 short shuttle, and 6.83 3-cone.  This workout moved him from a sixth round projection to solid fourth or early fifth round projection with a shot that he goes in the late third or early fourth round depending on private workouts and his pro day.


OT Billy Turner, North Dakota State

You can’t help but love the feet and body type of Turner and it was on display at the combine.  He measured at 6’4 7/8, 315 pounds and ran in the 5.1s while posting solid jumps with a 28 inch vertical, 9’0 broad jump, and running a 4.71 short shuttle. He should definitely come off the board in the top 100-110 picks after this workout.


DE Larry Webster, Bloomsburg

Most scouts had him as a priority free agent with a few putting him in the late rounds but this workout likely vaulted him into a potential fifth or sixth round pick for sure.  Webster measured 6’5 ¾, 252 pounds with 10 1/8 hands, a 81 ½ inch wingspan, and ran a 4.58 40-yard dash.  He also had a 36 ½ inch vertical, 10’3 broad jump, 4.44 short shuttle, and 7.29 3-cone.  The technical upside is there but he looks like the physical development in the upper body is limited so while he could improve technique he may not add more than 10-15 pounds despite being 6’6.


OLB Jordan Tripp, Montana

While you could say Tripp had a little bit better season in 2012 than 2013 he still showed the athletic ability and speed of a potential NFL starter.  He measured in at 6’2 ¾, 234 pounds running in the 4.6s and doing well on the jumps with a 37 ½ inch vertical jump and 10’0 broad jump.  This workout probably solidified he will be off the board by the fifth round.


CB Pierre Desir, Lindenwood

The entire NFL knew he would measure around 6’1, 198 pounds like he did and he pleasantly ran 4.5s on most clocks showing he has enough speed to stay at corner.  While the long speed is a question mark he is explosive with a 11’1 broad jump and ran well in the 20-yard shuttle (4.30) and 3-cone (6.86).





QB Jeff Mathews, Cornell

Scouts knew Mathews was a pocket passer only but after an up and down season, very average showing at the East-West Shrine Game, and now running a 5.26 40-yard dash at 6’3 ¾, 223 pounds with poor numbers everywhere else it’s unlikely the once considered fifth or sixth round pick will get drafted higher than the late seventh round without rebounding at pro day.


WR Walter Powell, Murray State

Powell missed a couple games during the season and the all-star games so his combine performance was important.  He looked athletic on film and while his results were not poor they certainly didn’t help his case for getting drafted.  He ran a 4.63 40 and had a 31 ½ inch vertical.  His shuttle times were not bad with a 4.23 short shuttle and 6.70 3-cone but probably needed to do better all around to get drafted.


TE Joe Don Duncan, Dixie State

After missing the all-star games with a left foot injury he suffered late in the season he did not workout due to that same reason at the combine.  Duncan measured in at 6’2 5/8, 268 pounds while showing good strength at 35 reps but will need to complete a full workout.  Usually with his postseason I would project priority free agent but he graded so high during the fall it’s still hard to imagine someone not using a pick on him by the end of the sixth round.


C Matt Armstrong, Grand Valley State

Armstrong hurt his right quad on his first 40 run so he did not complete any other drills on the field and did not bench because of a right shoulder.  He’s a draftable talent but after missing all-star games with an injury and getting hurt at the combine it is unlikely to expect him to get drafted without a very strong pro day.


DT Kerry Wynn, Richmond

After a breakout game with 10 tackles against NC State Wynn was inconsistent during the fall.  He was average in the East-West Shrine Game so he needed to have a good combine to cement his draftable grade that so many scouts gave him after the NC State game.  He measured in at 6’5, 266 pounds and hurt his hamstring on the first 40 running a 4.97 and passing on the rest of the drills.  He was off to a good start with 31 reps before the injury so a good pro day could really help him rebound from the inconsistency he showed while the pads were on.


OLB Tyler Starr, South Dakota

Starr had a another great season and looked as though he should go to the combine and improve his stock but instead he ran a 4.9 40 at 6’4 1/8, 250 pounds.  That time makes it possibly he projects to his old position of defensive end instead of outside linebacker.  He was solid with 24 reps but if he is to play end would need to improve his strength some.  His other numbers weren’t horrible so perhaps he could rebound into the mid to late rounds with a better 40 at his pro day and I could move him back to linebacker.


CB Todd Washington, Southeastern Louisiana

Washington went down with a right foot injury during the season and had to pass up on all-star games.  If healthy he probably would have cemented his draft stock because he is expected to be an athletic freak.  He was not able to workout thus missing out on a chance to impress evaluators and is likely a priority free agent unless he can do a full workout prior to the draft.




DE Ethan Westbrooks, West Texas A&M

While NFL teams knew he has timed in the 4.9s in the past they were hoping for 4.7s or 4.8s but of all the folks I spoke with nobody had him lower than the 4.9s and the rest of his numbers were solid.  He didn’t help or hurt himself but it would be nice to see improved numbers at his pro day to take him closer to where his talent indicates, which is in the third round instead of the projected sixth or seventh round.


CB Brandon Dixon, Northwest Missouri State

Dixon got mixed reviews but did well enough at 5’11 ½, 203 pounds to run in the 4.40-4.46 range on most clocks and bench a solid 17 reps.  His jumps and shuttles need to improve but he shows the long speed and size teams are looking for.  Some people have him as a free agent while others love him and have him as a fourth or fifth round pick.  He could use improved numbers at his pro day in the short shuttle and 3-cone to cement top 150 status.