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Clemson had just done a fantastic job in preparing some of their prospects for the leap to the NFL, but now Isaiah Battle, an OT prospect, is now entering the supplemental NFL Draft. Isaiah  held his Pro Day today, according to NFL.Com there was 25 NFL teams in attendance, but where does his early numbers place him?

Some of the closest drafted athletic matches includes the following list:

OT Anthony Castonzo

OT Corey Clark

OT T.J. Clemmings

OT Kelly Butler

OT Wayne Hunter

Compared to this list, Isaiah Battle shows superior linear ability with struggles with agility. His burst should be similar to T.J. Clemmings. He is expected to measure stronger than everyone from the group but Kelly and Hunter.

With his physical attributes Battle contributes length. The question will then be what can became of his skill set at the next level. He scores just north of the 80 Abshire Athletic Score as a Tackle, which gives him a fall back to guard. If he has the motivation, then he has the potential to become the next OT Tyron Smith who has some similar build, although better movement, but isn’t too far above him. So where is the right place to take him? Click on link www.nfldataconsultants.com and get player analysis.

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