A Dangerous Game of Chess

INDIANAPOLIS — The labor dispute between the NFL and the NFLPA is like playing a game of chess. An international game from the 19th century, chess is played with two people on a chessboard with 32 pieces. The goal of… Read more »

Combine Interviews are Revealing

While the NIC (National Invitational Camp) Combine was created for college prospects to receive medical examinations in one central location, it has evolved into something bigger. Besides the medical exams, the prospects are put through workouts, interviews and psychological testing,… Read more »

Combine Concerns: Defensive Players

If you read yesterday’s column on offensive players, trust me when I say I won’t treat the defensive side of the ball any different. Generally, this side of the ball has players that have more aggressive personalities, with more character… Read more »

Combine Concerns: Offensive Players

As a former scout and front-office executive for 15 years, the week in Indianapolis was one that I found very intriguing for several reasons. The hay is in the barn so to speak when it comes to a player’s DNA… Read more »

Combing the Combine

With the Super Bowl concluded and the Green Bay Packers crowned world champions, the next major event on the NFL calendar is the NIC (National Invitational Camp) Combine. The 2011 Combine kicks off this week in Indianapolis, Ind., and will… Read more »

Mediation Private and Confidential

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith was busy on a conference call with the incoming rookies when a government mediator was assigned to stand between the NFL and the NFLPA to help work a deal prior to midnight on March 3,… Read more »

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