This Is What I’ll Miss If There’s No Football

It all starts with the official football of the National Football League. The hand-crafted leather ball made in Ada, Ohio, just came back in production and is called the “Duke” after Wellington “Duke” Mara, former owner of the New York… Read more »

Is Trading for Kevin Kolb Worth the Risk?

Several teams are in need of a quarterback, a leader with the heart of a champion, not to mention the skills to deliver wins immediately. The Arizona Cardinals took one hell of a gamble by not drafting a quarterback in… Read more »

How Far Have We Come Since 1776?

Sitting on my porch and enjoying the family, an outrageously beautiful day with a cool breeze every now and then, creating my outline for tonight’s piece and the idea hit me right in the mouth. As I started writing any… Read more »

Bradford Poised to Take Big Step Forward

When you hear people talk about NFL quarterbacks, whether they are currently playing, retired, in the NFL or CFL, the bottom line is performance and the impact they have had on the game. Names like Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Brett… Read more »

Labor Clash Losing Steam

With the NFL and its players engaged in the longest legal battle in NFL history, the Clash of the Titans is slowly losing speed and is coming to an end. There are two groups of players (unrestricted free agents and… Read more »

Owens Worthy of Canton

Like most high-profile professional athletes, Terrell Owens has an official website ( where you can learn more about T.O. through his bio, purchase items from his online “Owens Store,” see a section for “Latest News,” and yes, there is his… Read more »

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