Draft Prospects Head to New York

With the NFL draft coming up on Thursday, it is an exciting time for the 254 prospects that will have their names called. The draft bonanza is generally the last NFL event until training camp, but that’s not the case… Read more »

League Backed Into a Corner

As I finished my workout (free weights and a treadmill), I grabbed my Iphone to find out 63 minutes had passed and federal Judge Susan Richard Nelson had indeed lifted the lockout. This is a perfect example that the world… Read more »

Looking to Deal on Draft Day

In the expired CBA (collective bargaining agreement), it states there shall be an Annual Selection Meeting (college draft or draft) each league year during the term of the agreement and in the League Year immediately following the expiration or termination… Read more »

One Feeds the Other – Until Now

This is a first for all NFL franchises: having the draft ahead of free agency. In every NFL war room, the speculation over what players could have been aggressively recruited in the free-agency period of 2011 is like a 747… Read more »

Analyzing the Rams’ Drafts Since 2008

With the 2011 NFL draft just days away, and the excitement building over the Rams’ 14th pick, let’s take a look back in history and see how the team’s personnel department and players have graded out since 2008. The chart… Read more »

Edge Play Is Key to Defensive Success

Make no mistake about it: The NFL is a quarterback-driven league. If you don’t have a franchise player at that position, the odds of your team struggling and not making the playoffs are incredibly high. On defense, solidifying the pass-rush… Read more »

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