Prior to joining 101 ESPN, Tony was the Vice president Player Personnel for the Rams (4 years), managing both the College and Pro scouting departments and was responsible for evaluating all information that results in player investigation and talent rating for the Rams draft of college players and Free Agency. Softli joined the Rams in 2006 after serving the Carolina Panthers for 11 years, top talent evaluator from 2000. A former football player and coach at the University of Washington, Softli worked in scouting for the Panthers from the origination of the franchise in 1995. He was the Director of College Scouting before joining the Rams, and held that post for 6 years. Read More...
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Rookies With a Chance to Make An Impact

As we currently go through rookie mini camps and the signing of new rookie contracts a lot of us wonder which of these rookies will make an impact for the 2016 season. We’ve seen guys like O’dell Beckham Jr. who hit...

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    The goal of every passing attack is to be consistent and productive. The consistency starts with the quarterback being able to take his drop in the pocket, then throw on rhythm on the last step of his drop or with a series of shuffle steps. The necessary protection time ranges… ... read more
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  • Mularkey: Green-Beckham has to ‘earn’ a starting job
    Dorial Green-Beckham in March insisted that he can operate as a top wideout for the Tennessee Titans. Will the receiver back up what he said? ... read more
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  • Are you listening or waiting to hear?
    For many years, the art of coaching was viewed with simplicity. It was to know and to speak. It was to learn all you could about a given area in sports and then to disseminate this information to an individual or group. Times have changed, and the role of the… ... read more
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  • Developing a Youth Offense: Raising quarterbacks
    In youth football, just like at any other level the play, the quarterback is crucial. While 10- and 12-year-old quarterbacks aren’t playing for Super Bowl titles, their play is critical to youth programs. It is important to have capable QBs running the offenses and distributing the ball teammates to keep… ... read more
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  • Regional Development Camps: Big man challenge
    USA Football's Regional Development Camps provide a great opportunity for athletes to hone their craft at their respective positions. They can also be a lot of fun. Part of each camp is a "Big Man Challenge", where offensive and defensive linemen compete in a variety of tasks. Check out the… ... read more
    Source: Youth FootballPublished on 2016-05-31

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