Top 5 by Position – Interior Offensive Linemen

The big men who play on the edge, those that protect the quarterback’s blind side, the offensive tackle work to defeat edge defenders each and every play.  Not only do they receive most of the attention when it comes to… Read more »

Top 5 by Position – Wide Receivers

NFL standards when it comes to the receiver position always covet size and speed.  This mentality pushes those players above a shorter and or slower player, in many cases, there is a total disregard for production. I break up receivers… Read more »

Top 5 by Position – Tight Ends

The tight end position has changed over the years for multiple reasons. First, the landscape of college football has placed a heavy emphasis on spread offenses. The position has moved from the traditional in-line alignment to a flex or slot,… Read more »

Top 5 by Position – Running Backs  

Every year, the NFL draft features an influx of some very talented and outstanding running backs blessed with skill sets that will enhance any team.  2015 is no different this year’s crop of running backs varies in size and speed,… Read more »

Top 5 by Position – Quarterbacks

  The 2015 QB draft class has limited talent throughout the rounds, but the top five to seven signal callers in 2015 have a chance to get drafted, success may be another question.  What the NFL, fans and the league… Read more »


By College Football Analyst Josh Buchanan for   The selection of players in the NFL draft, are based on team needs or best available player, as with most mock drafts.  The simple difference is that this mock draft consists… Read more »

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