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Its seems like years that the two biggest draft needs for the Seahawks hasn’t changed. The offensive line is atrocious and the Seahawks don’t have a true go to receiver. The first one is quite obvious but the second should be just as relevant. The receiving corps that the Seahawks are operating with are, well.. average at best. Yes, I know Doug Baldwin has something against that notion but it’s true.

When Russell Wilson is under fire and has to scramble around to find receivers, it doesn’t help that he has guys who aren’t superior in one category or another. Baldwin may be the best route runner out of the group but even he gets stifled more often than not. Kearse has solid hands but struggles to create separation and the other receivers are more of the fill in types. Just about anybody’s number two corner can matchup with Kearse and Baldwin hasn’t shown the same tenacity he did last season. The Seahawks need a receiver that can win the jump ball and/or create space to get open. The offensive line is going to take some time to build, for Russell it would be nice to have a bailout plan when needed. Guys like Mike Williams and Corey Davis are big bodied receivers in next years draft and should be targets for the Seahawks late in the first round or early in the second if they trade back.

With teams figuring out Seattle’s slant, out and deep post scheme throwing the football, they need a guy who can be the intangible. Until then, Wilson is going to struggle with teams daring the receivers to beat them in man coverage while sending six guys head hunting. It’s time for the Seahawks to address the issues head on and get some help for their Pro Bowl quarterback.