Blog by Rodney Stokes

The Seahawks will always be contenders so long as they have their great defense and of course, Russell Wilson. However, one of the biggest questions this off season has been who can backup the Pro Bowl quarterback and take the reigns if he goes down? Many suspected that Tarvaris Jackson would be re-signed and hold his seat as the number two as he had for many years. Jackson however is 33 years old and dealt with a legal case for much of the off-season.

The Seahawks have been searching for a young, adequate replacement for the backup position and they may have found one in Trevone Boykin. Through practices there was plenty of notice towards Boykin’s progression but it would take a live action situation before anyone could come to conclusions. On Saturday some of those thoughts were put to rest. Boykin went 16-26 for 188 yards and put the Seahawks in position to win with a hail mary touchdown pass.

His ability to scramble and hit the short to intermediate passes was reminiscent of Russell Wilson and he looked comfortable in the pocket. Throughout last year’s draft season, many wanted Boykin to return to the receiver position that he played for a portion of his college career. On Saturday many saw why he chose not to take that route. Boykin remains a work in progress and most understand that success against the second, third and fourth team is much different than success against the starters. Of the rookie quarterbacks that have seen time this weekend, Boykin looks like he’s in the top three amongst Joe Callahan and Dak Prescott. That’s not bad for a guy who didn’t hear his name called on draft day. Expect Boykin to get plenty of opportunities to win the backup job as the preseason continues.

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