NFL Mock Draft – Sit & Pick

This version of a mock draft is called “Sit and Pick,” which is based on a combination of NFL club needs and roster analysis. For teams to just sit and pick is not the reality of the draft process as… Read more »

2014 SMALL College NFL 7th Round Mock Draft

Data provided by College Football Analyst Josh Buchanan for Round Overall Rd Pick Team Pos First Name Last Name School Class 1 1 1 Houston (2-14) OT Billy Turner North Dakota State Sr. 1 2 2 St. Louis –… Read more »

Softli’s 2013 Mock Draft

The first step in the postseason talent evaluation process begins as soon as the teams are eliminated from playoff contention. After the postseason bowl games, combine and spring workouts are complete, all NFL clubs are allowed to host 30 draft… Read more »

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