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By Tony Softli Today, footballs are being thrown and kicked as players are preparing for that training camp grind that pushes their bodies to the limits of physical activity while maintaining that metal focus.  For most if not all teams every training camp has new faces, rookies and veteran free agents that are added to the roster, togetherness of building team chemistry started during the off season in OTA’s and mini-camps,  but training camp is were 53 men develop into a TEAM. Below list the NFL teams training camps, sites and reporting dates for rookies and veteran players.    ...

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By Tony Softli Sunday afternoon the Seattle Seahawks enforcer called it quits and has walked away from the game.  The great thing is Kam Chancellor will be able to run with his kids, in the end its not about the money.  This decision comes as no surprise to the Seahawks brass, many of the 12’s or even Kam.  The hope that he would heal was a long shot, but when football players play the game like he did on every snap, sustaining an injury is inevitable, sustaining a major neck injury nobody saw this coming.  He carried his ultimate...

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The NFLPA (NFL Players Association) is mounting a counter attack on the NFL and plan to challenge  the league’s new national anthem policy.  Per Pro Football Talk who reported the NFLPA is weighing their options to challenge the legality of the policy by retaining several law firms last week. At the last NFL owners meeting it was reported that a unanimously vote to approve  a new policy on May 23 that requires players and league personnel be on the sideline to stand for the national anthem but gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they...

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By Tony Softli With the sports betting whirlwind in full effect, I can envision betting stations that look like ATM’s in approved states and throughout airports, malls, grocery stores and sub stations on the corners like 7-11’s. Sportsbooks outside of Nevada in casinos is the smart move.  Fantasy Football purse will grow ten fold and football apps like Fire Fan are already in place to take full advantage of the in game betting services. The NFL is not happy and quite frankly they dont want pandoras box opened any wider then it already is. Commissioner Goodell released a statement...

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Softli’s 2018 NFL Draft Rankings

By Tony Softli My fifteen year NFL Scouting career began in 1995 with the Carolina Panthers, after spending four years coaching at the University of Washington under legendary Coach Don James.  Along with my work ethic, passion and the ability to identify talent at both the college and professional levels of competition, I was blessed to have several outstanding personnel men that took me under their wing and taught me the NFL scouting business.  They called themselves dinosaurs during my interview process. The two men that hired me at Carolina were Pro Football Hall of Famers Bill Polian and...

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