Author: Tony Softli

Gruden Return To Bucs Not Likely

By PAT YASINSKAS Let’s make this abundantly clear right at the start. What you are reading is a column, not a news story. There is a big difference between the two and many don’t realize it. A column is where a writer can insert his/or her own opinion and use his or/her own voice. A news story is limited strictly to facts, although the words “sources said’’ sometimes have to be used to get the news into the story. So here’s my opinion – and please remember it’s only an opinion: I can’t see Jon Gruden returning to coach...

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Josh Freeman’s Flop Set Bucs Back A Decade

By PAT YASINSKAS   By now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should have a mature, polished quarterback – the kind of guy who can put the team on his back, go into New Orleans and carry his team to victory against the Saints.   Sunday was another painful reminder that the Bucs don’t have that kind of quarterback. The Saints defeated the Bucs, 30-10. The Bucs fell to 2-6 and it now is almost a certainty that this will be another season without a playoff appearance.   But this isn’t meant to be an indictment on third-year pro Jameis Winston,...

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Buyers need to continue to beware when drafting RBs

By PAT YASINSKAS    At approximately 3:40 yesterday afternoon, I knew exactly what I wanted to write in this column. At about 7:30 p.m., I knew I had to go in the exact opposite direction.   So what happened? In what was supposed to be the game of his life, Penn State running back Saquon Barkley didn’t have anything close to the game of his life in a 39-38 loss to Ohio State. Sure, he started the game by returning the opening kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown.   That had me thinking Heisman Trophy. That also had me thinking about something...

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Joint statement by the NFL Commissioner and the Director of the NFLPA on Wednesday October 11, 2017. “Commissioner Roger Goodell reached out to NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith today and both he and player leadership will attend the League meetings next week. There has been no change in the current policy regarding the anthem.  The agenda will be a continuation of how to make progress on the important social issues that players have vocalized. Everyone who is part of our NFL community has a tremendous respect for our country, our flag, our anthem and our military, and we are...

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Chris Foerster showed warning signs

By PAT YASINSKAS for   Since the news first came out Sunday night, everything I have read said Chris Foerster showed absolutely no warning signs.   In case you’ve been asleep under a rock in recent days, Foerster was the Miami Dolphins’ offensive line coach who filmed himself snorting a wide powdery substance. There is no definitive proof that it was cocaine, but it sure sounds like it. Foerster sent the video to a Las Vegas “entertainer’’ who said she had been dating Foerster. She made the video public, putting it on social media. She said she did it because...

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