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2017 NFL Draft Offensive Gems

Blog by Rodney Stokes for The NFL Draft typically swirls around the top 50 players or so every year. Yet there are plenty of athletes that fly beneath the media hype and end up having great NFL careers. We call these players gems. Typically these are guys who have NFL traits but for one reason or another don’t make the top of everyone’s list. It can be easy to forget about other players when you’re force fed names like Deshaun Watson, Leonard Fournette and OJ Howard every week. That’s not to say that these possible gems can’t have...

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Seahawks Draft Needs Haven’t Changed

Blog by Rodney Stokes for Its seems like years that the two biggest draft needs for the Seahawks hasn’t changed. The offensive line is atrocious and the Seahawks don’t have a true go to receiver. The first one is quite obvious but the second should be just as relevant. The receiving corps that the Seahawks are operating with are, well.. average at best. Yes, I know Doug Baldwin has something against that notion but it’s true. When Russell Wilson is under fire and has to scramble around to find receivers, it doesn’t help that he has guys who...

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Has RGIII Resurfaced?

Blog by Rodney Stokes for Robert Griffin III will always be known for his stint in Washington. The one that saw him as the undoubted rookie of the year, later to be forgotten about as a starting quarterback and even being resulted to scout team safety. Whether it was bad coaching and poor management on the Redskins or if Griffin allowed his early success to derail his career, the former rookie of the year has found a new home in Cleveland. The Browns have been a tumultuous franchise seeing 25 different starters at the quarterback position since 1999....

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Boykin Looks Solid in Debut

Blog by Rodney Stokes The Seahawks will always be contenders so long as they have their great defense and of course, Russell Wilson. However, one of the biggest questions this off season has been who can backup the Pro Bowl quarterback and take the reigns if he goes down? Many suspected that Tarvaris Jackson would be re-signed and hold his seat as the number two as he had for many years. Jackson however is 33 years old and dealt with a legal case for much of the off-season. The Seahawks have been searching for a young, adequate replacement for...

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Rookies With a Chance to Make An Impact

As we currently go through rookie mini camps and the signing of new rookie contracts a lot of us wonder which of these rookies will make an impact for the 2016 season. We’ve seen guys like O’dell Beckham Jr. who hit their stride early on in their rookie season, to guys like Frank Clark who really turned it on in the second half of the year. This year’s rookie class had talent stretched across all seven rounds and there should be no surprise to hear about players drafted on the third day as guys who may have a shot at an end of the year award. While there’s many more players that deserve to be on this list, the one’s that are on here seemingly have the best opportunity next season to be difference makers for their team. Jared Goff QB, Rams, Round 1 Without a doubt the most NFL ready quarterback will have an impact on his new team in Los Angeles. Jared Goff won’t be coming into a plug and play situation given the Rams receiving corps, but he has the opportunity to kick start this franchise back to their dominance of the early 2000’s. The Rams drafted two receivers to help ease the transition for the young quarterback and it may prove to be beneficial as they all go through their growing pains. Goff will be...

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