Author: Rodney Stokes

Which Rookies Will Make a Week One Impact?

By Rodney Stokes for Finally. As excited as everyone was for the start to the preseason, most of us trailed off after week two and were more than ready for September 10th (and 7th). What happens in the preseason doesn’t always correlate to what happens in the regular season. The Browns went 4-0 in their preseason but aside from the irrational fans, nobody’s expecting a perfect regular season. What teams can look forward to is the continued development of their rookies from the preseason to the regular season. Some may surprise, some may fail and others will look...

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Is the NFC West Returning to Old Form?

By Rodney Stokes for The NFC West was one of the most dominant divisions in football from about 2012 until around 2015. During many of these years the top two teams were the Seahawks and the 49ers, a classic battle between two high tech cities. The Cardinals were always right on the outside and the Rams may have been the best team in a different division thanks to their defense. All four teams have gone through their struggles during the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Arizona had one of their best seasons in 2015 and fell completely off the...

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Preseason Week One: QB Battles

By Rodney Stokes for The New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos are all in pursuit of a franchise signal caller. None at this moment seem to have it figured out after week one of the preseason. Each team has it’s own unique situation and depth to which they need to find “the guy”. The Broncos are a quarterback away from being back in the Super Bowl and contending against the upper tier in the AFC. Their defense is what allowed them to win it all two years ago and simply need someone who can bring them...

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2017 NFL Draft Offensive Gems

Blog by Rodney Stokes for The NFL Draft typically swirls around the top 50 players or so every year. Yet there are plenty of athletes that fly beneath the media hype and end up having great NFL careers. We call these players gems. Typically these are guys who have NFL traits but for one reason or another don’t make the top of everyone’s list. It can be easy to forget about other players when you’re force fed names like Deshaun Watson, Leonard Fournette and OJ Howard every week. That’s not to say that these possible gems can’t have...

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Seahawks Draft Needs Haven’t Changed

Blog by Rodney Stokes for Its seems like years that the two biggest draft needs for the Seahawks hasn’t changed. The offensive line is atrocious and the Seahawks don’t have a true go to receiver. The first one is quite obvious but the second should be just as relevant. The receiving corps that the Seahawks are operating with are, well.. average at best. Yes, I know Doug Baldwin has something against that notion but it’s true. When Russell Wilson is under fire and has to scramble around to find receivers, it doesn’t help that he has guys who...

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